Wednesday, August 8, 2012

You're Invited: Minnesota Facilitators Network "Creatively Exploring Mindset: Facilitation’s Killer App?"

As 2012 election efforts seek to target conversations with those voters who are still persuadable, the Minnesota Facilitators Network will host a similar conversation around using mindset as an analytical lens for malleability and new understanding. Dennis Stauffer will present "Creatively Exploring Mindset: Facilitation's Killer App?," and offer powerful ways of thinking about what facilitators do and how it impacts those who they facilitate. Moreover, attendees will gain a greater self-awareness of what influences and empowers them - great information to have at the ready when facing the barrage of campaign commercials this fall!

Minnesota Facilitators Network (MFN)

MFN FREE Open Meeting
August 9, 2012
5:30 - 8:30 p.m.

This year’s theme for MFN is Exploring the World of Facilitation: Collaboration, Creativity and Complexity.  

With this theme in mind, Dennis Stauffer will present:

Creatively Exploring Mindset:
Facilitation’s Killer App?

A growing body of research into the impact and malleability of a person’s mindset informs fields as diverse as education, psychology, creativity, innovation and leadership. We are now coming to understand what a profound impact our mindset has on how we perceive, interpret, imagine and impact the world around us.

Dennis will speak on how treating mindset as an analytical lens provides powerful insights and options for facilitators seeking to “move” the people in the room to a new place, a new understanding, a new level of effectiveness and performance, as individuals, as teams and as organizations.
Understanding mindset also provides us with a powerful vocabulary for describing the impact that facilitation has.

Participants will leave this session with:
·   Powerful ways of thinking about exactly what you are doing as a facilitator and how it impacts those you facilitate.
·   Strategies for achieving rapid, sometimes immediate shifts in the way people think, behave and interact.
·   Greater self-awareness of what influences and empowers you as well as others.
·   The ability to articulate your work as a facilitator in new and compelling ways.

Dennis Stauffer's Biography

Dennis Stauffer delights in helping folks discover powerful new insights, insights they can apply in their personal as well as professional lives. He is a recognized thought leader on the behaviors that drive innovation…behaviors we all need to engage in to successfully navigate the future.

Dennis is an Emmy award-winning journalist, and author of Thinking Clockwise, A Field Guide for the Innovative Leader, which received the Fresh Voices Award.

He is trained in the facilitation of Creative Problem Solving.  And he is the co-developer of the Innovator MindsetTM Self-Evaluation Technology, a uniquely powerful tool that evaluates the personal and organizational mindsets that enhance or undermine innovation. Innovator Mindset was recently included in a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Based in Minneapolis, Dennis delivers keynotes, seminars and other interventions for clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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