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[Recommended Reading] After stepping down at St. Scholastica, Jay Newcomb ready to volunteer

I'm proud to have had the opportunity to be taught and mentored during my undergraduate studies by Jay Newcomb. Having recently retired as the Director of Service-Learning at The College of Saint Scholastica, the Duluth News Tribune profile below demonstrates perfectly Jay's intentional approach to life and community work. Read on to learn about Jay's creative method for discerning his next calling and steps!

After stepping down at St. Scholastica, Jay Newcomb ready to volunteer

Jay Newcomb called his letter sort of “tongue in cheek” but tinged with a certain reality when it came to his retirement this past spring.

“I just don’t want to sit home and do woodworking or gardening,” he said.
Not that he doesn’t enjoy those pursuits; It’s just that he has a larger view in mind when it comes to his retirement from the College of St. Scholastica.
In March, Newcomb sent out letters to seven of his most cherished nonprofit groups in the area. It was a “request for proposals” on how those agencies might employ his services now that he had more time to volunteer.
The letter, and which groups he chose to send one to, was an exercise in setting priorities, he said. He decided he wanted to work with groups that were getting to the “root of problems” when it comes to social change.
Those groups are familiar with Newcomb’s skills because he’s spent plenty of time volunteering with them. In his working life, he showed students how to volunteer their skills as the service learning director at Scholastica.
He chose the groups carefully, “based on personal relationships and trust,” he said.
The letter didn’t come off as such a stray idea as Newcomb originally thought.
“People took it seriously,” he said. “I was honored by that. They all said, ‘This is a great idea.’”
Newcomb said he didn’t want to wake up in retirement wondering “What should I do now?”
 “I think it’s a lovely thing,” said Jeff Corey, the executive director of 1 Roof Community Housing, which provides people with housing services in an effort to sustain affordable homes and keep neighborhoods vibrant. Corey received a letter as well, and was hoping Newcomb could help with house inspections and help people improve them.
Newcomb decided to work with Men as Peacemakers and CHUM.
“All of the agencies had great program ideas,” he said. “I chose these two because they are exciting programs to work on for me and because of the people involved. I will get to work with former students of mine and new-to-me people at the agencies.”
Helpful personality Newcomb has the personality to help people, Corey said. “He has such a great way with people.”
It means something that so many people know of Newcomb’s volunteer ethic, he said.
“It’s not something he’s starting to do,” he said. “It’s something he’s continuing. It’s a new chapter in the same book.”
Corey said he hoped Newcomb’s efforts would start a volunteering trend with retiring baby boomers. Today’s retirees are versed in management and planning. Newcomb has a mechanical background matching his work-life teaching others how to lend service to communities, he said.
“He’s not going to be making copies,” Corey said. “We would use those lifetime skills.”
“I hope I can inspire others,” Newcomb said.
“A lot of us are retiring,” said his wife, Mary B. “People in their 60s should continue to find ways to make Duluth a better place. It’s not a vacation.”
Jay Newcomb said it’s a “shame to squander” what he can offer. He wants to continue helping organizations that “work for fundamental change in the way we live our lives.”
“I think to have real satisfaction in my life I need to be connected to other people and bigger causes,” Newcomb said. “If what I am doing has no chance of failure, it is not worth spending a lot of energy on.”
Newcomb said he won’t forget that he is retired, and can go at his own speed.
“I can still take a nap when I want to.”
About Jay Jay Newcomb, 65, was the coordinator of service learning at the College of St. Scholastica for the past 14 years. He spent 26 years at the college, part of it in academic support services. He moved there from the University of Minnesota Duluth, where he worked in American Indian Services. Scholastica’s service learning program shows students how to integrate service work with academics to “enrich learning, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities.” Newcomb led Scholastica’s “Community Day,” which put people from the campus into the community in volunteer activities.
Newcomb sent letters in March announcing his retirement and offering his volunteering services this past spring to CHUM, Duluth Community Garden Program, Myers Wilkins Community School Collaborative, Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association, Community Action Duluth, 1 Roof Community Housing and Men as Peacemakers. He met with organizers for each group and decided which one best fit his schedule and skills.
Newcomb decided to “sink his teeth” into community restorative circles with Men As Peacemakers, both as a participant in a circle and helping to develop the program. He will also work with CHUM as support programs are created for the families that will be in the new Steve O’Neil apartments.
Newcomb said in his letter that he was willing to work up to 20 hours per week for six months to a year on a project. He insisted that his work not displace current paid staff and be “creative” work over routine duties and “must contribute to the common good.”
Who’s volunteering? When baby boomers started reaching retirement age early in this decade, it was the hope of nonprofits that they would fill the volunteer ranks. They are, and they might be pulling others into service as well. While today’s new retirees make up the bulk of volunteer hours, other age groups have been increasing their volunteering in recent years.
The Corporation for National and Community Service reports that Minnesota is second in the nation, behind Utah, in the percentage of residents who volunteered in 2012, 37.7 percent according the 2013 CNCS and National Conference on Citizenship’s annual report, “Volunteering and Civic Life in America.” Nearly 40 percent of Minnesotans 55 and older volunteer.
The report found that across the country, volunteers 65 and older spent a median of 90 hours on volunteer activities in 2012, the most amount of time among any age group and nearly twice the annual hours served by Americans across all age groups.
The report said America’s teens continue to increase their level of volunteering, rising by nearly 3 percent during the last six years. Generation X volunteers, now ages 33 to 49, have had even more years of increased volunteering and make up the largest number of volunteers, largely because of parents involved in the activities of their children.

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[Minnesota Rising Dispatch] July 2014

[#mnrising Dispatch] July 2014

Cheers were in order at this month's Minnesota Rising Cascading Conversations Tour 2014 Advance Team Ice Cream Social: Minnesota Rising was featured in the most recent edition of Initiative Quarterly and planning has begun in earnest for the 2014 Un/Conference. While we urge you to take every opportunity to bask in the sunshine, we also welcome you inside our efforts to pull off our best annual Un/Conference yet. See below for more details and we hope to see you yet this summer!

Sondra Samuels

Now Recruiting: 2014 U/C Volunteers

Minnesota Rising
Hosted by and for emerging leaders, the 2014 Minnesota Rising Un/Conference will engage 150 emerging leaders across the state in an energizing day of innovative learning and dialogue, skill-building, and network-building with their peers! The fifth annual Un/Conference, slated for November 2014, will explore themes of inquiry and the emerging future through engaging breakout sessions, inspiring speakers, and a highly interactive learning lab.

Minnesota Rising is seeking volunteers to serve on the Un/Conference planning team, in the areas of logistics, content and program, and outreach. Have expertise + experience and/or interest + energy to lend over the next 4 months? We welcome you to join us on Tuesday, August 5th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm for our next planning meeting! [RSVP here.] 

Forever Young

Adam Yust, YNPN Twin Cities Blog
Have you ever felt like the youngest person in the room? Growing up in a civically-engaged family, I constantly found myself the youngest person at neighborhood meetings.

In 2000, at age 13, I went on the record at a Saint Paul community meeting to oppose a project that would have destroyed aspects of my neighborhood. A bus-way from downtown Saint Paul to Mall of America was proposed to travel down the center of West 7th Street. This transit project would have cut service levels, divided the neighborhood in half, and taken away boulevard trees. Because of my young age, people at the meeting asked me, "Why are you here?" I answered, "I'm here because I care." [Read more.]
Bridging Arts and Audiences

Generation Next: The Millennials

IQ Magazine

Franz Vancura always thought he'd practice law in the Twin Cities. That certainly was the plan when a Minneapolis law firm hired him in 2011. But when his new employer encouraged the recent University of St. Thomas School of Law graduate to take a year to clerk for a judge before jumping into life as a corporate attorney, Vancura didn't pursue any opportunities in the metro area. "I applied to any judge north of Brainerd," said the New Ulm native.

Vancura's interest in the region started when he was young. His family owned property on Little Webb Lake in Hackensack and he had happy memories of fishing and relaxing with friends and relatives on the lake. "I had a real connection with the geography and nature of the area," he said. When he was hired by Judge John P. Smith in Walker, Vancura packed up his Minneapolis condo and moved to a cabin in the woods on Horseshoe Lake. [Read more.]

Seeking Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellows

Minnesota Council on Foundations
MCF's Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellowship, which we opened applications for earlier this month, will prepare individuals from underrepresented communities for careers in philanthropy. But the fellowship is about more than changing the face of leadership in philanthropy; it's about infusing new ideas and viewpoints into the field.

Are you interested in applying to be a Ron McKinley Philanthropy fellow? Do you have questions about the application process? Join Alfonso Wenker, MCF director of diversity, equity, and inclusion, for a short informational webinar about the process and the program on Thursday, August 7, at 3 p.m. Alfonso will provide a high-level overview of the program and take questions from participants. [Read more].

News from the Network

Updates and events with our esteemed partners and collaborators!

Emerging Civic Leaders Committee meeting
Citizens League
Tuesday, August 5, 2014
5:00pm - 7:30pm
Wilder Foundation, Room 2410

Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellowship Informational Webinar
Minnesota Council on Foundations
Thursday, August 7, 2014

Urban Oasis Food Fest
Urban Oasis
Sunday, August 17, 2014
740 Seventh Street East, Saint Paul

Cultivating Leaders in a Changing Nonprofit World
Hamline University
Thursday, August 14, 2014
11:30am - 1:00pm
Wilder Foundation

Creating a Social Benefit Product & Marketing Campaign
Social Enterprise Alliance
Thursday, August 14, 2014
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Joule Co-Working Space

The Accidental Jackass: Why Social Media Etiquette Matters
Friday, August 22, 2014
8:00am - 10:00am
514 Studios

Generation Now Leadership Visit
Citizens League
*Register by Friday, August 1!
September 10-12, 2014
Fargo, ND
$1250 pp

Value of Simple
*Seeking videography, photography, or workshop presentation skills in exchange for complimentary ticket!
October 3-4, 2014
University of Saint Thomas

Celebrating 10: Women's Leadership Forum (WOLF)
WOLF Inspires Foundation
Friday, October 10, 2014
5:00pm - 9:00pm
International Market Square


Making Our #MNRising Mark!

Don't forget to tag your upcoming emerging leader events, thoughts, musings, and more,#mnrising, on Twitter and Facebook. Let's aggregate and organize ourselves for increased interaction and potential for collaboration! 
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Accepting Applications: Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellows

After a successful launch to the MCF Philanthropy Fellowship, the recently re-named program is currently accepting applications for Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellows. Seeking to engage new ideas and perspectives to strengthen the field, the fellowship prepares applicants from underrepresented communities for careers in philanthropy. Learn more at an informational webinar later this week and consider applying before the August 27 deadline!


Learn About Becoming a Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellow

MCF’s Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellowship, which we opened applications for earlier this month, will prepare individuals from underrepresented communities for careers in philanthropy. But the fellowship is about more than changing the face of leadership in philanthropy; it’s about infusing new ideas and viewpoints into the field.

Are you interested in applying to be a Ron McKinley Philanthropy fellow? Do you have questions about the application process?
Join Alfonso Wenker, MCF director of diversity, equity and inclusion, for a short informational webinar about the process and the program on Thursday, August 7, at 3 p.m. Alfonso will provide a high-level overview of the program and take questions from participants.

And for a look at what the 2014 Philanthropy Fellows are up to, don’t miss MCF’s new issue of Giving Forum, online and in your mailbox now.We caught up with Venessa Fuentes and Dameun Strange and asked them about their responsibilities and how they’re helping effect positive community change. Read about their experiences, then join our webinar to see what the fellowship would mean for you!

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You're Invited: Expo 2023 July Speaker Series Event

There's a hearty crew of Minnesotans working to make our state the host of the 2023 World's Fair! Join them at their July Speaker Series event to learn more about their efforts, their upcoming crowdfunding campaign, and how you can help bring the world to Minnesota in 2023!

Greetings Expo 2023 Friends,
A quick reminder this morning that our July Speaker Series Event is this Thursday, July 31st from 9 am - 11 am at HGA Architects.
We'll be sharing a sneak preview of our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and our new website.
Please RSVP so we know you are coming and have a badge ready for you-

See you there!

Crowdfunding Kick-off | Speaker Series on 7/31/14 at HGA

9:00 Welcome + Registration


9:15 Program (Google+ Hangout begins)


Mark Ritchie | Expo 2023 Update- Momentum, We are at that Moment


Wendy Meadley | Expo 2023 Strategic Communications Overview- 3 Key short term initiatives: Website for Bid Process, Crowdfunding Campaign, and Minnesota State Fair


Eric Raarup | RBA Consulting | Expo 2023 Website


Marty Wetherall | Fallon Creative Spotlight- Video Preview 


David Williams | Minnesota State Fair Innovation Strategy


Linda Presthus | Expo 2023 Volunteer Opportunities


10:15 BONUS | Social Media Primer | Expo 2023 Indiegogo, Conversation, and MN State Fair Social Strategy- Training and PDF Primer to help folks participate on Indiegogo


Expo 2023 | The Minnesota World's Fair · PO Box 8832 · St Paul, Mn 55102 · USA

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