Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Accepting Applications: Teach an EXCO class!

If you're craving a thrill at the phrase "back to school" akin to the time when you were still riding a big yellow bus, consider the opportunity to teach an EXCO class this fall. You can share what you've learned in the time since your letter grade report cards, support access to education for lifelong learners, and of course, show off your spiffy new duds when class convenes!


Apply to teach an EXCO class! Deadline August 31/ ¡Enseñe una clase con Academia Comunitaria! fecha límite para aplicar es el 31 de agosto

Join the movement for free, student-led learning!

Do you have a class you want to teach? Is there a skill you want to share with you community? You can be a teacher! Apply to facilitate an EXCO class by going to and clicking on the 'Teach' tab. There can be classes on fermentation, feminism, Foucault, free skool movements; anything you want to share! You can lead a discussion group, facilitate a one-time workshop, or teach a full class. Most fall classes start at the end of September. Our volunteer organizers can help you find a space for your class and provide training and support.
All are welcome to teach and classes are free and open to all!

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For a look ahead, we have a public Exco GOOGLE CALENDAR that will show you upcoming events!
Questions? Ideas? Concerns? Please email them to or call (651)998-9268

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