Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fun: Participation Nation!

Lynette Dumalag recently sent along the following note to Torch Partners about Participation Nation, including a great idea to solicit as many submissions from local volunteers and organizations as possible. See her bio below and her email following that, and consider sharing the stories you know of or have been a part of here in Minnesota. Thanks for your civic leadership and championing, Lynette!

Lynette is an Associate at Nelson, Tietz & Hoye, Inc. where she helps organizations meet their real estate goals.  Lynette is involved with TORCH Community where she currently serves as Partnership Director.  She is also involved with the nonprofit affordable housing developer Aeon and serves on both the Connect Young Professionals Group and on Aeon's board of directors.

Participation Nation

Hey TORCH Partner! 
I was listening to MPR/NPR this morning on my way to work and I heard that NPR is writing a story about people doing things in the community to help connect with one another - they are calling this story Participation Nation.  
Since MN is well known having a high number of citizens involved in philanthropy and volunteerism, wouldn't it be great to show HOW generous our community is?  I know we Minnesotans tend not to brag about what we are doing - but we should at least tell our unique story! 
Here is the link to the story: 
I thought I would send this to all of you - it would be great if you could submit your story!  It could be about your volunteer or your YP group. 
Lynette Dumalag 

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