Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#bushCON Recap: Be on purpose

Inspired by yesterday's #bushCON event, "Our Minnesota" Cascading Conversations Tour  Advance Team Co-Coordinator, Taylor Vollmer, shares his insights and learning from a day meant to equip, inspire, and connect. Read more below and consider joining the Minnesota Rising Cascading Conversations Tour to continue the conversation this summer!

Walking away from the inaugural bushCONNECT event, a single thought resonated within me: be on purpose. A double entendre, its more-rehearsed interpretation hit me right out of the gates (or, well, doors) – be on purpose, exist for a reason. What’s more is that my reflection ended in my appreciation of the other end of the entendre, the end which I had hardly before considered: being on purpose.

In his keynote interview, Steve Johnson posed what he believes essential to environments that foster the development of good ideas. From Minnesota Rising’s own Fail Lab to tours of Izzy’s Ice Cream’s new manufacturing facility or from the Theater of Public Policy’s improv crash course to the Initiative Foundation’s conversation on how not to have a conversation, thirty breakout sessions highlighted local organizations’ initiation of innovation, response to failure, and emphasis on learning.
The Bush Foundation’s desire with bushCON was not to stop at inspiring its attendants. Personally, I cannot even count the number of events or conferences where I walked away feeling encouraged and keen to make changes, only having little clarity as to how that might look. To be on purpose is to understand my incapabilities along with my abilities as they align with my personal mission. To be fully equipped, then, necessarily includes connecting with others so that my visions can reach their potential.
True to its mission, #bushCON inspired, equipped, and connected each of its 1,200 attendees. If you want to learn more about what shook out at the event this past Monday, check out bushconnect.org!

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