Friday, October 5, 2012

You're Invited: Hennepin County Fixit Clinic pilot program seeks volunteers

Are you a handy man or woman? The Hennepin County Fixit Clinic could use your able hands and big heart! Check out the upcoming clinics, where you can drop by with an item in need of repair or lend a hand and give someone else's beloved household good a second chance at life. Clinics are scheduled throughout the fall at a variety of locations throughout Hennepin County; find out when they're fixing to stop by your neighborhood!

Hennepin County Fix-It Clinic 1

Hennepin County Fixit Clinic pilot program seeks volunteers

In various U.S. and European cities, people have established Fixit Clinics (also called Repair Cafes or Fixer Collectives), where volunteer fixers help members of the public fix their broken household goods and clothing. These fixit clinics share a common interest in trying to reduce the number of things thrown away by helping people repair their broken possessions.

The benefits are multifold: items get repaired and thus aren't discarded as waste, people learn valuable skills in trouble-shooting and repairing their own items, they and the volunteer fixers gain a feeling of satisfaction, and the events create connections between different community, age and ethnic groups and foster a sense of community.

Hennepin County is starting a Fixit Clinic pilot program. Volunteer fixers are needed to make this initiative a success.

Examples of items brought in for fixing: toasters, radios, DVD and CD players, clocks, computers, lamps, antiques, toys and clothing/linens. Volunteer fixers/coaches have skills in soldering, electronics repair, electrical repair, wood working, small engine repair, sewing, and general tinkering.

Volunteer fixers are the heart of the fixit clinics. They bring skills and expertise, and have a strong desire to teach people and empower people.

Please email Nancy Lo at or call 612-348-9195 for more details or to volunteer! 

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