Friday, May 18, 2012

Accepting Applications: New Student Speak Out Project on Teen Health!

Recognizing that health habits and lifestyle decisions begin early on, Students Speak Out is engaging Minnesota teens in conversations about the future of health and healthcare in our state. Know a young Minnesotan who would be interested in joining the discussion or serving as a lead panelist? Send them the details below and to act fast, as the deadline for applications is May 21!

New Student Speak Out Project on Teen Health!
New Students Speak Out Project on Teen Health!
Greetings! Students Speak Out is starting a new project, and we want YOU to be a part of it. In fact, we're offering $150 stipends to 5-7 teens who are selected as lead panelists. Read on!

Teen Citizen Solutions is an effort to engage Minnesotans ages 13-19 in an online conversation about what's important to the future of health and health care in our state. Teens are already developing lifestyle choices and habits that could affect your heath and how United States health care works (including its cost) for generations to come. Teens also stand to inherit the long-term impacts of any decisions made about health care today.

There are three things teens can do right now:

1. Join the discussion: Lauren Gilchrist, Special Advisor to Governor Dayton at the Minnesota Department of Human Services has kicked off the discussion by asking teens how they define health, and if Minnesota teens are healthy.

2. Apply to be a lead panelist: Teens selected as lead panelists get a $150 stipend for sharing their insights and experiences and spreading the word about the project. Move fast! We'll be accepting applications through May 21.

3. Spread the word. Tell your friends about the project and share the project link:  Also, like us on Facebook and tell your friends to join!

Comment on the final "What is Student Achievement?" report

In a 2011 online project, Students Speak Out teens from around the nation looked into whether the definition of student achievement is broad enough. Teens' findings are described in detail in this final report:

Teens Think Deeply About Student Achievement

We would appreciate your review of and comments on the final project report and its findings. Click here to leave your comments by May 31.

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