Thursday, October 13, 2011

You're Invited: North Dakota 2.0 Convening!

I'm a collaboration junkie, so I can't help but share about a new effort taking place across the border in our neighboring North Dakota. Some of you may recall an effort several years ago by Twin Citizens, entitled, "Community 2.0," to convene people around shared learning and networking opportunities. It seems a similar effort is afoot and those readers with an affinity for North Dakota may be interested to know you're invited to the North Dakota 2.0 gathering taking place next week! Let us know if you make the trip and if there are some things Minnesota Rising can learn about the effort next door or if there are ways we'll be able to work together regionally!

North Dakota 2.0

October 18, Bismarck

Want to contribute to the continued success of North Dakota?

ND 2.0 is an initiative focused on bringing together North Dakotans to network, learn about potential opportunities and contribute to the continued success of the state. ND 2.0 is the beginning of an era; it is about persevering and empowering motivated individuals to capitalize on our state’s abundance of opportunities to ensure North Dakota’s better days are still ahead.

Nationally recognized speakers, including Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes Magazine, and Diane Smith, author of "The New Rural," along with statewide leaders from an array of organizations will help facilitate and participate the day’s events.

The first convening of ND 2.0 is Tuesday, October 18, 2011, in Bismarck, with a networking social beginning the night before at 6 PM at the Radisson in Bismarck. Sign up today and be a part of ND 2.0 at

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