Friday, October 21, 2011

2011 Un/Conference: Show + Tell Sneak Preview!

The Minnesota Rising 2011 Un/Conference: Building A Network For What’s Next will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2011 from 10:00AM – 4:00PM at the CoCo coworking and collaborative space in St. Paul, MN. Hosted by and for emerging leaders, the Un/Conference will engage emerging leaders across Minnesota in an energizing day of innovative learning and dialogue, skill-building, and network-building with their peers!

Minnesota Rising is pleased to host Show + Tell following the lunchtime break, a series of 4-minute presentations by local community leaders and activists. See below for a brief preview of what you'll see onstage tomorrow!

Long-form Storytelling in a Short-form Internet: Twin Cities Runoff and the Rebuilding of Context

In the age of tweeting, pecha kucha, press releases, and networking events galore, the online magazine Twin Cities Runoff is working tell stories in the tradition of alt-weeklies and literary magazines-- stories that help readers stop and sink their teeth into the structure and context of Twin Cities culture. This presentation will discuss an overview of TC Runoff's mission and vision, along with a brief discussion of long-form storytelling techniques.

Deborah Carver is the is the founding editor and publisher of Twin Cities Runoff (, an online magazine that creatively approaches narrative and explores the vibrant culture of Twin Cities communities. She has been publishing online since the late ’90s and has been weaving in and out of the professional publishing world since 2004. She has an MA in Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota, where she studied digital media and social movements, and a BA in English literature from New York University, and she's continuously looking for new ways of telling the Twin Cities' untold stories.

Ryan Skoog,Co-Founder & President,Venture Expeditions, Fly for Good, Volunteer Card

Engaging People to Make a Difference

"What can I do?" - Its one of the most common responses that emerging leaders ask, when they encounter local or global injustices. This generation of leaders want to respond, which presents an amazing opportunity to engage them in a way that not only transforms the problem, it transforms the young leader. Venture Expeditions has been able to create that transformation through a unique adventure humanitarian campaign model.

Ryan is the Co-Founder of Venture Expeditions, which uses local and international endurance expeditions (biking across continents, running across states, hiking mountains) to actively engage communities in the story of Justice. He earned an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Saint Thomas University while founding two for-profit social enterprises: Fly for Good and International Volunteer Card, which provide discounted airfare and travel insurance for traveling volunteers with Harvard University, Kiva, Peace Corps and Compassion International among their clients. He frequently speaks and travels internationally to many of the places Venture works. Ryan enjoys anything outdoors that involves adrenaline and laughing with his wife Rachel and their two ginger-headed kids, Colin and Sydney.

Guiding Your Boomerang

Personal branding is not just a set of isolated professional acts, but a whole life practice. Much like throwing a boomerang, the path of return takes practice. How can we best shape paths for our personal images to travel, so that our intention in releasing them to the world is reflected when they return to us?

Sara Shaylie is a community organizer who has worked on several cultural investment initiatives ranging from the development of Homegrown Minneapolis to the 2008 Legacy Amendment focused on the future of arts, culture and the environment for all Minnesotans. She has been known to wrangle event the most wiley of collaborators with an optimistic, strength-based organizing approach. Between organizing projects, Shaylie also works as a grant writier, social media consultant and dog walker.

Nate Gorr, Director of Graduate Admissions

Four Avenues to Leadership in Social Enterprise

Augsburg College offers four options within its graduate studies department for social entrepreneurs who want to enhance their leadership or management abilities. Augsburg's national reputation for service learning and community service is quickly growing.

Nate Gorr has been working in graduate education for 12 years and at Augsburg for six years where he has embraced the mission of Augsburg College to create reflective practitioners of business and social enterprise.

Ady Olson, Headwaters Foundation

Shared Space – Shared Vision - how to save money and make new friends by sharing costs across the cubicles!

The Center for Progressive Philanthropy is a model of shared office space and home to the Headwaters Foundation for Justice and four other like-minded organizations. Join Headwaters Operations Manager Ady Olson for a quick tour of what it’s like to live in a group house for nonprofits.

Ady has been diving into projects at Headwaters since she knocked on the door and asked to volunteer in winter of 2009, shortly after first setting foot in Minnesota. A graduate of the University of Puget Sound, Ady has a degree in comparative sociology with a focus on identity and social change. She has a passion for imaginative social and cultural change and appreciates approaches that defy norms in order to catch attention and push people to think critically about the way they live. Ady enjoys adventures outdoors, discovery, the brain, maps and diagrams, astronomy, and being shoeless. She has a keen sense of direction and an uncanny knack for spotting satellites.

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