Friday, October 7, 2011

Network Partner 20Qs: St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce YPros

The Minnesota Rising 2011 Un/Conference: Building A Network For What’s Next will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2011 from 10:00AM – 4:00PM at the CoCo coworking and collaborative space in St. Paul, MN. Hosted by and for emerging leaders, the Un/Conference will engage emerging leaders across Minnesota in an energizing day of innovative learning and dialogue, skill-building, and network-building with their peers!

Minnesota Rising is pleased to collaborate with Network Partners, emerging leader group organizations, to help cross-promote our parallel efforts to provide leadership development and community-building. In our Network Partner 20Qs, we highlight our 2011 Un/Conference Network Partners in their own words.
20Qs for the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce (SPACC) YPros

1. In two sentences, what does your group/organization do? YPro connects Twin Cities young leaders to the state's largest business network. We put on fun and engaging events in St. Paul monthly.

2. Who makes up your membership? YPro participants are young, but we're also decision-makers, influencers and business owners looking to connect, develop professionally and build networks.

3. What was your group/organization’s biggest accomplishment in the past year? We’ve doubled attendance from 2010 and have a sponsor for our events.

4. If you could have any celebrity/famous person join your group/organization, who would it be and why?

Charles Schultz would make a fabulous addition, as a St. Paulite, and someone who is creative, successful and understands the complexity of youth.

5. Where will your group/organization be in three years? Our organization will be THE leading Young Professionals group in the state and our members from the past and present will be the key decision makers for our community and state.

6. Which quintessential Minnesota landmark best represents your group/organization?

James J. Hill House. The house was built by the “Empire Builder”. We consider ourselves to be building the next generation of empire builders.

7. What makes the members of your group/organization unique and rockstars? Our organization is made up of young “key decision makers” and hosts many 40 under 40 winners.

8. What other Network Partner do you most want to partner with in the future and why?

We are looking to partner with various Young Professionals organizations across all business sectors. We also look to learn from other organizations across the country.

9. If your group/organization were a Sesame Street character, which one would you be and why? Ernie, because we’re optimistic and socialable.

10. How do you determine who is on your board/in leadership positions? What does your board/leadership do in your organization? Engaged group members are generally individually invited to apply for committee membership for the following year. Within our committee, which meets monthly, we meet monthly as subcommittees: communications, outreach, events/venues and incentives.

11. Who has been the best speaker your group has featured at an event? We’ve featured a lot of great speakers. Most recently the Mayor spoke to us about the future and how we play a part in it. We also had a national sports marketing speaker, Joe Sweeney, talk to us about how to market ourselves to our full potential.

12. If your board members were cast on a TV show, what TV show would it be and why? Millionaire Matchmaker, because we’re always connecting people!

13. What’s the best way for people connect with your group/organization? Come to an event! We consciously seek out the first-time attendees at our events and make sure they feel welcome. Email to receive our event newsletter.

14. If your group/organization could only do one thing in 2011 - event, program, resource, etc - what would it be and why? In the process of developing…more details to come…but it will be big!

We are really excited to host the multi-chamber young professional event in 2012.and we're planning something really big to entice all of our peers to come to our side of town.

15. What is your group/organization’s theme song and why? “Go Getta” by Young Jeezy J

16. You’re ordering delivery for your board meeting. What do you order and from what restaurant? St. Paul Grill, a Saint Paul staple that represents the heart and soul of our city.

17. A genie gives you one wish for your group/organization. What do you wish for?

For us to become a state wide phenomenon.

18. Who has been an outstanding member of your group/organization this year and why? Julie Warner. She’s taken her role as a committee member and sub-committee chair and really helped direct are organization.

19. The Governor wants your group/organization to counsel him on an important issue. What issue is it and what do you tell the Governor? We feel that we are the future of our city and state. The Governor looks to us for advice on what the future holds for the great state of Minnesota.

20. What’s one thing your group/organization is going to bring to the table at the 2011 UnConference?

Innovative and creative ways to grow organizations.

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