Thursday, July 7, 2011

You're Invited: Ice Cream Social Justice!

Next week, Headwaters Foundation is bringing together two of the greatest passions of Minnesotans: ice cream and social justice! Over delicious frozen treats, you'll get a chance to interact with community change agents, cutting-edge organizers, and other emerging leaders. You can escape brain freeze by engaging in lively questioning and conversation about the latest social justice trends and issues, all in a gorgeous setting at Minnehaha Falls. A scenic vista - make that 3 things Minnesotans love!
New Ice Cream 2011
Ice Cream Social Justice 2011
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Minnehaha Falls:

Wabun A Picnic area

4801 Minnehaha Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Driving Directions

Thursday July 14, 2011 from 5:00 PM CDT to 7:00 PM CDT
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Headwaters Foundation for Justice

Join cutting edge organizers, next generation donors, inquiring minds and emerging leaders of all kinds for a lively discussion and exploration of the emerging issues and trends in the world of social justice.

If social justice is a new term or concept don't worry. Social change is simply an idea. It begins with a belief that we can have a fair and just society. Following that belief with action that makes our society better is social change. Have you ever wondered: why are some people homeless and others have more than one home? How can we have so many choices at the stores and yet we have a growing number of people in poverty? Or how can we have 6 billion people on planet and not run out of water, food and gas? What will happen when we run out of oil?

All of these questions and many more lead us to social change. Simply put, social change is moving from questions to answers and from answers to solutions.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Minnehaha Falls- Wabun A Picnic area

5.00 - 7:00 PM

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Join Headwaters Foundation for Justice as we bring together community members who are wrestling everyday to move from the questions of our day to solutions for a better tomorrow. We have an all-star lineup for you.

What are local communities doing to reshape their lives to fit into earth's limits?

Join Shalini Gupta, Executive Director of Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy, as she explores climate justice. Shalini will talk about local efforts to create a triple bottom line:

1. Sense of community

2. Sustainability

3. Smaller footprint

Minnesota is the center for some alarming statistics on racial disparities. If racial inequities are so pervasive, then why don't we end racism?

Join Steven Renderos, Project Director with the Mainstreet Project, on a journey to explore structural racism and the local solution communities that are advancing to address some of our community's long standing problems. Possible areas to explore with the group include: the intersection between education, employment, and race.

Can the common good bring about equity? Who defines and ensure that we have a "common good"?

Ensuring each of us has a voice and a choice in important decisions that affect our lives is vital to health economy and strong democracy. Join Veronica Burt*, Director of JustEquity, as she shares lessons learned in building a sense of "the commons" in local transit planning and efforts to wrangle the telecommunication companies.

Everyone wants to believe that youth are the future, but so why don't we listen to them?

Join Jesus Torres lead organizer from Centro Campensio to share in dialogue about youth organizing and youth leadership. Come ready to share your experiences and insights in creating a space for youth to come together and have voice.

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