Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Accepting Applications: LOTT Fellows + Mentors

Having met with the LOTT Advisory Committee recently to review last year's accomplishments and this year's progress, I'm delighted about the strength and value of the personal, professional, and community leadership training that participants are receiving through the LOTT Fellows Program and LOTT Women's Leadership Conference. As such, I'll continue to tout the programs here and encourage any collegiate and emerging women leaders to apply to be Fellows and for any mid-career or established women leaders interested in coaching and guiding to apply to be Mentors. Not you? Pass it along to another woman you know. Women run for office when they are asked, and presumably in according fashion, women apply for leadership programs when they are asked. So, I'm asking you to please ask!-)

Apply to be a 2012 LOTT Fellow or Mentor. Application materials are now available.

If every woman viewed herself as a leader, what kind of world would we create?

The Leaders of Today and Tomorrow Fellows Program brings together women from diverse backgrounds and creates collaboration. Our program brings women together under the belief that women's leadership is different and necessary. We work on developing complete leadership, providing skills that can be used professionally and personally. Are you interested in developing your leadership skills? Apply to be a Fellow.

If every woman gave her time to help another woman find her leadership voice, what kind of world would it be?

Mentorship is essential to developing women's leadership throughout our community. The LOTT Program matches Fellows with a mentor who can challenge her abilities, provide resources in her development and serve as a role model. LOTT mentors are not only career coaches; they are selected based upon their abilities to connect with young women and provide leadership development. Without willing mentors, the LOTT Program would not be effective. What will you do today to help women develop their leadership? Find out about becoming a mentor.

For more information about the LOTT Program, visit www.lwvmn.org/lott .


Allie Wagstrom
State Program Director

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