Thursday, July 28, 2011

Accepting Applications: Headwaters Foundation Social Justice Leadership Institute

I stopped by the Headwaters Foundation for Justice table and spoke with a couple of summer interns the other evening at the "Make Minnesota Yours" event. They were excited to share about their experiences thus far and pleased with all of the great programming taking place through the Foundation. One particularly exciting initiative they highlighted is the newly launched Social Justice Leadership Institute, which will engage a cohort of 25 emerging leaders interested in learning about and addressing the root causes of poverty and injustice. Whether you're interested in reflecting more deeply about your personal relationship to and changemaking around these issues or perhaps hopeful to create connections with other thoughtful leaders, the inaugural year of this Leadership Institute may just be the time and place for you!

Social Justice Leadership Institute

Looking to make a meaningful impact in your community?

Want to improve your understanding of the social injustices around you every day?

Interested in developing ties with the diverse community of established and emerging social justice leaders in Minnesota?

Join us for the Headwaters Foundation for Justice’s Social Justice Leadership institute!


We’re looking for a group of emerging Twin Cities leaders who are interested in investing themselves in the community to better understand local injustices and bring about transformative change. Participants will be part of a group of approximately 25 people coming from diverse backgrounds to learn, reflect, and act together.


The institute is a nine-month discovery process during which participants will work with each other to both understand and address social injustice. With a cohort of 25 people, you will 1) learn about social justice, 2) engage in a group fundraising project and 3) research and give the funds you raise to local social justice causes. At the end of nine months you will leave with your own thoughtfully crafted framework for supporting and actively enaging with the social justice movement in Minnesota!

Examples of activities:

  • Guest speakers who will talk about their exciting work in the philanthropic community
  • Instruction in social justice history, the dynamics of race/class/power/privilege,
    social justice strategy, resource pooling,
    and community grant-making
  • Site visits to local social justice non-profits
  • Sharing personal stories to develop a group dynamic, learn from and about cohort members, and grow together through the process
  • Group discussions framed to better understand the our various roles in addressing social justice
  • A group fundraising and grant-making process through which the group will learn more about why people give and the beneficiaries that inspire them
  • Opportunities to interact with established Twin Cities leaders and learn about their social justice journeys
And much more!


Participants are asked to commit to a total of 9 meetings--including one overnight retreat in September followed by monthly meetings (including dinner) on the last Thursday of the month from October 2011- June 2012.


Social injustice affects every one, and, for almost 30 years, the Headwaters Foundation for Justice has been funding the people who fight injustice in your community. This is your chance to join a legacy of leaders, paving the way for social justice.

For more information contact David Nicholson at

Click Here to Apply

For more information contact:

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