Friday, April 8, 2011

Accepting Applications: Engine Spring 2011 Projects

Founder Jim Delaney and Engine continue to remain hard at work, and they invite you and your emerging leader peers to bring your time and talents on board. Engine engages talented professionals in small teams to address the strategic challenges and opportunities of important nonprofits that serve the community. Want a great chance to make a real difference? Read on for just how and when to start!

Engine for Social Innovation brings together small teams of talented professionals to addresses the challenges and opportunities of nonprofits through a specific model that uses the help you expand your skills, your knowledge and your network while engaging in high-impact community activity.

In conducting this work, we enhance nonprofits’ ability to serve the community and we engage future leaders in positive social change. The following three projects will start in Spring, 2011:

River Valley YMCA – Community Awareness and Engagement

This project will help the new River Valley YMCA establish itself in the community by growing the member base, increasing member support, expanding programming and building relationships with community partners. The methodology developed for building community awareness at the River Valley Y branch will be used as a model for future branches openings of new YMCA branches in the Twin Cities and beyond.

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Emergency Foodshelf Network (EFN)– Earned Income Opportunity

This project will review all aspects of EFN including finances, accounting, operations and marketing in order to determine the future of Tana Foods, a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary of EFN. The project will analyze the buyer/seller relationship between EFN and Tana to determine the suitability of maintaining two separate organizations for the future. This project is an opportunity for EFN to explore the market for Tana and to potentially generate additional income to support EFN through Tana. This project will have a major impact on EFN by making the entire organization more efficient and streamlined, and potentially developing new opportunities for generating revenue.

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Interfaith Outreach Community Partners (IOCP) – Outcome Measurement & Reporting

This project will help Interfaith Outreach Community Partners (IOCP) upgrade and integrate their data collection and outcome measurement process in order to serve both their internal and external needs for tracking and communicating client, donor, and volunteer outcomes in a more timely, accurate, and efficient way. Efficiency in collecting and using data internally will allow IOCP to effectively track each client through their systems and services for ultimately better service to the client. They will also improve their donor and volunteer data. With increased expectations for reporting and quantitative results it is vitally important to have good data.

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