Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Best Minnesota Rising Posts of 2010!

From hosting the inaugural Minnesota Rising Un/Conference to engaging 17+ Network Partners to connecting with emerging leaders across the state, it's been a banner year for Minnesota Rising!

Thanks again to all you readers for your support and engagement this year! For your reading pleasure, may I present the Top 10 Minnesota Rising Blog Posts from 2010:

1. Community: Here, There, Everywhere A post about finding community in any and every place.

2. Power and Possibilities: Balancing All Of Our Selves A summary of some nuggets of knowledge from the third annual Power and Possibilities Leadership Conference at St. Catherine University.

3. Scholarships: The charitable donation loans? When we give because we are grateful for scholarships that supported our attendance at educational institutions or professional development programs, instead of calling it paying it back, should we refer to it as paying it forward?

4. Beloved Beads Jewelry by Molly Doran Molly and her jewelry are awesome. So is the fact that all the proceeds benefit great organizations doing great work in the community. Yeah, I know. I just said she was awesome.

5. Will you run? Amber Collett for SWCD2 Amber is great example of a young person who ran for office based on her values and desire to make a difference. Rather than admire her from afar, perhaps you would likewise use the political system to make manifest the world you wish to see?

6. Reportback: "Trailblazers: Charting a Course for the Future!" The Leaders of Today and Tomorrow Conference came back better than ever in 2010! Check out highlights and insights from those leading today and those readying to do so for Minnesota's future.

7. Community means strength that joins our strength Who doesn't love an awesome poem?

8. @MinnesotaRising Meets: Brian Bell This second interview in a short-lived vlog series highlights an engaged and thoughtful emerging leader. And a friend of mine. Check it out. Brian's a cool kid with an interesting story.

9. Positive Posters: Be The Change You Want To See Positive Posters is an international poster design competition that gives graphic design students/professionals, illustrators and other creatives the opportunity to visually communicate socially positive messages to the world.

10. Minnesota Rising Initial Conversation Reportback and Next Steps! One year after this blog was born and many, many years after I first considered the power of building networks early on in hopes of more effectively tackling our generation's most pressing challenges, I expressed an overwhelming sense that the time was right to come together and move forward in this blog post. This, of course, is my favorite post of 2010!

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