Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Accepting Applications: College Feminist Connect Statewide Internships

I was recently elected Treasurer on the board of directors for the Minnesota Women's Consortium. A 160-member organization focused on achieving 5 Dreams in support of women-centered health care, economic justice, peace and safety, self-determination, and an equal place at every table, the Consortium has taken on several new initiatives reaching out to elderly women focused on financial stability and long-term planning as well as younger women interested in building feminist community and advancing in their academic and career paths. Learn more about this work at the Minnesota Women's Consortium website and see below for an opportunity for you or someone you know to help build the movement of young feminists in Minnesota!

College Feminists Connect
Building feminist partnerships
across Minnesota campuses

College Feminist Connect Statewide Internships

Minnesota Women's Consortium

Off-site internship: College Feminist Connect Campus Liaison

Building feminist partnerships across Minnesota campuses

What is College Feminists Connect?
College Feminists Connect is an intern and student led program of the Minnesota Women's Consortium that seeks to connect women's resource centers, campus feminist, women-centered, and GLBTQIA groups, and individual college students advocating for feminist issues across the state of Minnesota. It is a student-led, web-based space for discussion centered on women's and feminist issues and provides participants with an opportunity to talk with one another about their organizations, successes and challenges, and shared experiences. In addition, this program also provides networking opportunities among college campuses, alumni, potential employers, internships, and individuals.

Be a Campus Liaison!

College Feminists Connect Campus Liaisons are the program's link to college and university campuses across the state. It is the campus liaisons that keep this program strong and active. Campus Liaisons are not only the lifeblood of CFC but also emerging leaders of the feminist movement!

What do Campus Liaisons do?
Campus Liaisons are in regular contact with the College Feminist Connect Coordinator housed in the offices of the Minnesota Women's Consortium. Liaison activities include:

  • Promoting the program on campus among feminist, women's, and GLBTQIA groups and individuals. Campus Liaisons have utilized flyers, email, social networking tools, tabling at campus events, and in-class announcements to promote this program.
  • Relaying College Feminists Connect updates to interested parties including but not limited to women's organizations, academic departments, and individuals.
  • Contributing to the College Feminists Connect website through blog posts, information about events at your campus, and updates about feminist, women's, and GLBTQIA issues on their campus.
  • And grassroots organizing by recruiting individuals to participate in College Feminists Connect forums.

Why be a College Feminists Connect Campus Liaison?
You are an emerging leader of the feminist movement and becoming a College Feminist Connect Campus Liaison not only demonstrates your commitment to advancing the feminist agenda and creating justice and equality for future generations but also creates opportunities for you to put your feminist identity to work!
In addition to new opportunities and access to a network of strong, diverse feminists, the Minnesota Women's Consortium will work with your school to provide college credit, connect you with a feminist mentor, and help you add a new, exciting leadership position to your resume! Think of this position as an off-site college internship.

To become a Campus Liaison send a letter of intent and your resume to the
College Feminist Connect Coordinator. Apply to be a College Feminist Connect Campus Liaison today and take the first step to making Minnesota a leader for feminist change. We can't wait to have you as part of our network!

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