Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another perspective: Ayiti en photos

CNN and other major news outlets depict the trauma, weariness, and angst of Haitians and relief workers currently toiling round the clock to bury the dead, heal the wounded, and rebuild the island nation following the catastrophic earthquake one week ago. To give people a glimpse into the beautiful landscape and culture that existed before all that the general public knew and saw of Haiti was pain and suffering, I want to share a few images my camera captured during my brief time in Haiti.

Arrival at Toussaint L'ouverture International Airport in Port au Prince, Haiti on January 4, 2004

"Deye mon deye" is Haitian Kreyol for "Mountains beyond mountains," describing Haiti's craggy landscape

Outdoor courtyard lamp detail at the Hotel Oloffson

Small house in rural mountainside region

Colorful Haitian art sold on the streets

Statue in the middle of a downtown Port au Prince intersection

Artistic depiction of the crippling debt that has Haiti faced as a result of its International Monetary Fund and World Bank loans and conditions

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