Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You're Invited: White House Community Leaders Briefing Series

Thanks to Kate Cimino of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance for passing along news about the upcoming White House Community Leaders Briefing Series! If you or your organization will be out in Washington, DC on a Friday this summer, consider registering for the opportunity to share about what's happening on the ground here in Minnesota. You can bring the message of the grassroots to the very top!

White House Community Leaders Briefing Series

Every Friday this summer, from June 17‐ August 26th, the White House will open its doors to community leaders from around the country to take part in our Community Leaders Briefing Series.

The briefing series is a unique opportunity for grassroots leaders to come to Washington to hear directly from White House officials on the issues that are affecting communities across the country and learn more about the President’s priorities and initiatives from the people that work on them every day. In return, Administration staff gets to hear what’s going on in cities and towns across the country directly from the experts – the grassroots leaders.

Participants are local leaders who are currently involved in their cities and towns at the grassroots level – in their neighborhoods, schools, churches, non‐profit organizations, environmental groups, activist and advocacy groups, etc. and who are continuously invested in improving their own communities. We’re looking for those that can bring their successes, challenges, and ideas directly to the White House to help us improve the conversation between the grassroots and Washington.
  • Participants must be active community leaders (Ex. Grassroots, constituency, and advocacy leaders).
  • Participants must be willing and able to make their own transportation arrangements to and from Washington DC.
  • Each briefing will be open to 150 people
What will the day look like?
  • Participants should anticipate that their day last from approximately 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. In addition to the briefing at the White House, participants will be able to choose to attend one of several issue‐based briefings with Agency staff.
How do participants sign up?

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