Thursday, June 23, 2011

Minnesota Idea Open II: Water Issues

These rainy days and rising waters put H2O on the mind. And what timing! Just two days ago, on the Summer Solstice, the Minnesota Idea Open II kicked off with a focus on water issues. Got an idea for how to use $15,000 to effectively educate and engage your community around water issues in Minnesota? While you're sitting inside waiting for the sun to break through, noodle on just that and submit your idea to the Minnesota Idea Open!
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What's Your Idea for Addressing Water Issues in Minnesota?

June 21, 2011

Minnesota Idea OpenIt's Time to Enter The Open

Water is the only drink for a wise man, said Henry David Thoreau. In Minnesota Idea Open vernacular, we call that liquid inspiration! So chug-a-lug, Minnesota, and tell us how you would use $15,000 to help your community become aware of and address water issues in Minnesota.

We are now open for ideas! Enter your idea starting today, June 21 through July 15, 2011, at

We encourage ideas of all sizes and shapes. Test them out on friends and family over coffee or dinner. Gather feedback from your 500 closest friends on Facebook. Share a link to your idea on Twitter to find out what your "tweeps" think, or send your peeps directly to your entry and let them comment on it. Whatever channel you use to gather feedback and support, be sure to use any feedback you receive to further refine your entry - even after it is published.

You heard right. New this year - you can publish your entry to the Idea Open website then go back and refine it as many times as you like throughout the entry period. Based on feedback from Challenge I, we heard from participants who spent hours working on their idea. Now you can bring some of that deep thinking and collaborative work into The Open.

Although one idea will earn the Challenge II Champion title, we think every community in Minnesota will benefit from working together on solutions - and being inspired to action!

Still need some inspiration? Watch our video. And don't forget to learn more about our Lead Partner, Pentair and its Foundation. They are experts in finding solutions to water issues around the globe - and look forward to seeing your great ideas!

Where the Cool People Fish After Hours: Science Museum of Minnesota

Join us at the Science Museum of Minnesota's ultra-cool event Social Science on Wednesday, June 22 from 7:00-11:00 p.m. We'll be set up for some Idea Open-style fishing so stop by our table. The event is open to anyone age 21 and older. Play some mini-golf, science trivia or Live Pictionary, or huddle in a corner with some drinks and friends to work on your idea for addressing water issues in Minnesota. For more information, go

Did You Know?

Did you know that Pentair and its Foundation helped improve the lives of 300,000 citizens in Honduras via the company's philanthropic investment in Project Safe Water? By installing hundreds of water filtration systems and improved latrines, as well as training local villagers about water quality and sanitation, the incidents of waterborne illnesses have plummeted. Learn more at

Want to Join Our Volunteer Crew?

We have a unique opportunity for anyone interested to participate in the Idea Open. This year we are looking for volunteers to be part of our community evaluator crew. You'll volunteer your time and talent to be part of the fun and activity of our review process. Please contact Catherine Beltmann at if you are interested.

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