Thursday, September 9, 2010

Minnesota Rising Un/Conference 2010: Request for Proposals

Minnesota Rising Un/Conference

The Minnesota Rising Un/Conference will be hosted on Saturday, November 13 at CoCo in St. Paul. The conference will consist of 3 sessions with 3 break-out session options for attendees during each session. The planning committee is now accepting proposals for presentations. We are looking for presenters to present on a unique topic that would be of interest to our target audience.

Please answer the questions below and send the completed form to: by September 17th, 2010.

As part of a larger effort to coordinate the leadership of the numerous young professionals and emerging leader groups that currently exist in the Twin Cities, the one-day event will include leadership development breakout sessions lead by emerging leaders and their organizations, networking opportunities through World Café-style conversations and Show and Tell presentations, and the opportunity to start building trust, relationships, and perhaps, consensus, on the potential this generation of emerging leaders has to influence policy and community in Minnesota in the years to come.

  • Emerging leaders and young professional group leadership
  • Emerging leaders and young professional group membership
  • Unaffiliated emerging leaders and young professionals

1. What topic are you interested in seeing explored, are you interested in presenting/facilitating the topic?

2. Why do you feel this topic will be of interest to attendees?We are looking for presenters that can actively engage attendees through facilitation of discussion and group work.

3. How would you engage attendees in your session? If just suggesting the topic, do you have ideas about how the session could be structured and a good presenter?

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