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You're Invited | YNPN Twin Cities Scattershot Cafe: Peer Circles Edition

YNPN Twin Cities is hosting their annual Scattershot Cafe, but with a Peer Circle twist this year! See below for a range of topics and coffee shops around town for connecting this coming weekend. Yours truly will be hosting the LOCUS dialogue, focused on identity-driven leadership for diverse nonprofiteers. Here's hoping that Saturday morning finds you somewhere fun and fascinating about town!

YNPN Twin Cities invites you to attend:

Scattershot Cafe
Peer Circle Edition
Saturday, September 27, 2014, 10:00 a.m.
Various sites in Minneapolis/Saint Paul
Sessions are filling up fast! Register now!

Join like-minded peers for small conversation circles at Scattershot Cafe: Peer Circle Edition. Twelve conversations will happen at the same time in neighborhoods throughout MSP!

Just choose a topic that interests you — whether you're new to your peer group and are looking for advice, or want to lend some of your own experience to someone newer, peer circles provide an opportunity for close networking over a cup of coffee.

Read the full descriptions below and click on the links to register. (Most sessions have about a dozen spaces to give you maximum conversation and networking time.)

Accidental Techies (Groundswell, STP)
Facilitator: Brian Roemen, Lead Tech & Owner at Backpack Tactics LLC (LinkedIn)
Some people get into IT because they love IT as a career, or went to school for programming, or find computers fascinating.
Others get into IT because that one time when the network was down they knew to reboot the router. This session is for them.

Men in Nonprofits (The Local, MPLS)
Facilitators: David Zeller, Client Services Associate at Synergetic Endeavors (LinkedIn); Josh Lambrecht, Special Projects Director at ServeMinnesota Action Network (LinkedIn)
Sometimes it's lonely being the only guy in the office. You're not alone. Come talk about what it means to be a male in your workplace.

Work on Purpose (Day by Day Cafe, STP)
Facilitators: Jessica Zimmerman, Event and Program Assistant at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs (LinkedIn); Sara Nobbs, Assistant Program Manager at the Center for Integrative Leadership (LinkedIn); Kathryn Murray, Program Assistant at Springboard for the Arts (LinkedIn)
Echoing Green's Work on Purpose program helps young professionals identify their purpose and put it into action by creating a career with impact. How have you used this curriculum to help young professionals find their paths? Wanna walk through a refresher?

Sustained Dialogue (The Nicollet, MPLS)
Facilitator: Colleen Powers, Strategy Intern at Zeus Jones Ltd. (LinkedIn)
YNPN Twin Cities hosted the national YNPN conference in June. Attendees of the conference were able to participate in a full day of training around Sustained Dialogue.
The Sustained Dialogue workshop provided YNPN leaders and members tools to be more effective in the important work of building a more diverse and powerful social sector. How have you used these tools? How would you like to use them?

Freelancers (Turtle Bread Longfellow, MPLS)
Facilitator: Brandon Boat, Co-founder at Danger Boat Productions LLC (LinkedIn)
When you work as a team of one, sometimes you wish you had some people to commiserate with about the highs and lows of being a freelancer.
This Scattershot is for you to meet other people in freelancing, talk about your challenges (i.e., clients) and make some connections.

StrengthsFinder (Peace Coffee Wonderland Park, MPLS)
Facilitator: Elissa Schufman, Development & Communications Coordinator at Joyce Preschool (Twitter)
StrengthsFinder is all about knowing your strengths, and finding ways to leverage those to do your best work every day. If you're fascinated by the results of your Strengths Finder test, this session is for you!
Come spend some time talking with other enthusiasts about how they see StrengthsFinder impact their jobs — sometimes in great ways, and sometimes in not-so-good ones. Share how StrengthsFinder has changed your work, and strategies to make sure it stays a useful tool.

LOCUS: Identity-driven Leadership (Golden Thyme Coffee on Selby, STP)
Facilitator: Diane Tran, Senior Project Manager at Grassroots Solutions (LinkedIn)
Diverse nonprofiteers live and operate in multiple contexts and are challenged to bring all of who we are to each role we play.
Identity-driven leadership involves contributing our valuable experience and unique perspectives to our workplaces, communities, and families.
Join other nonprofiteers of diversity for a discussion around identity driven-leadership.

Being the New Boss (Spyhouse Coffee Broadway, MPLS)
Facilitator: Lauren Bohen, SNAP-Ed Regional Coordinator at Ramsey County University of Minnesota Extension (LinkedIn)
How many times have you thought, "How much better would things be if I were running the show?"
You wait and wait for the glorious day when you can confidently say, "I'm in charge here."
Except, you are not confident... and what? Suddenly, you're in charge now. You're responsible for people. They look to you for answers. You're supposed to have those answers. It's everything you wanted, and a bunch of things you never expected.
Come share the great and not-so-great things about being A New Boss, share some resources, and get (or give) some pep talks.

Event Planning (Cafe SouthSide, MPLS)
Facilitator: Shannon McCarville, Program Coordinator at Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (LinkedIn)
Whether it's a smashing success or a phenomenal failure, every event is a labor of love. Come share your success stories — or your past pitfalls — and get tips from people who know what you're going through!


FULL — Where Do You Work? (Gigi's Cafe, MPLS)
Facilitator: Hannah Burchill (Twitter)
Are you in the process of changing industries? Between roles? Or maybe you've just completed a transition into a new position.
Come share strategies and experiences for how to navigate a professional environment during a time when you're sans profession.

FULL — Fundraising (Muddy Waters, MPLS)
Facilitator: Brian Gioelli, Development Director at The BrandLab (LinkedIn)
This is a chance to get to know some of your local fundraising peers and geek out over donor databases, moves management, sponsorship packages and more! Join us in this Scattershot session for networking and connecting with other folks who totally get you.

FULL — #yesallwomen (Nina's Coffee Cafe, STP)
Facilitator: Lizzy Shramko, Storyteller & Online Community Builder (Twitter)
This discussion is not an attempt to define solutions, but to think together about the implications of #YesAllWomen and #YesAllWhiteWomen.
How does online activism inform the work we do in our own communities, and how we can imagine transformative futures together?
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