Friday, September 26, 2014

[Blog Buddies] One Moment Center + Kathleen Sprole

Minnesota Rising is pleased to feature posts and profiles of entrepreneurial emerging leaders on occasion. This guest post comes from Kathleen Sprole, 2014 President of the Minneapolis Jaycees and Founder of One Moment Center LLC. Read on to hear her insights and offerings related to the powerful benefits of mindfulness and intentional living!

Kathleen Sprole has been working in the mental health field since 2002. Kathleen currently works as a therapist in the Twin Cities area. In January 2014, Kathleen founded One Moment Center LLC, to pursue her passion and desire to share the powerful benefits of Mindfulness for individuals, as well as how living life on purpose positively changes the world. Kathleen has a playful approach to teaching and living a mindful lifestyle, as well as helping others get to the heart of their authentic selves and living the lives they've desired. The vision of OMC is to provide for individuals opportunities for self-growth and discovery, balanced living, and well-being through a mindfulness based approach.  

Most of us are hooked into the hustle and bustle, high stress, high performance culture. When we let it go on mindlessly we lose our self-awareness and compassion, become stressed and angry, and are at higher risk for mental health concerns. OMC invites you to slow down, turn your focus inward, and realize your authentic abilities for resilience, compassion, happiness and your potential for living a fulfilling and meaningful life. The time has come to be your happiest self!

Mindfulness practices can help us live more fully because it truly changes and "rewires" the brain. We can handle the stresses that come our way with more ease. We can have more focus and be more effective at work. Our relationships can be more satisfying and meaningful. We make choices that are in line with our true self and passions, which leads to living life with purpose. Mindfulness becomes a lifestyle.

OMC offers workshops and ongoing practice sessions aimed to help increase self-awareness, manage stress, increase compassion for self and others, bust through the fear based thoughts that trip us up, and tap into our true passions and desires so we can live our lives on purpose. In addition, OMC will be hosting a retreat, Women's Mindfulness Day (A Retreat for Loving Yourself and Finding Happiness) on October 18th.

For more information on One Moment Center LLC and events, please visit the website at, Facebook or emailing . If you are interested in the Women's Mindfulness Day, you can register at

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