Thursday, January 3, 2013

Accepting Applications: Seeking EXCO Class Facilitators for Spring 2013

Now that the universe has turned over a new leaf with the start of a new Mayan as well as Gregorian calendar cycle, perhaps it's time you can, too! Never quite fancied yourself an educator or facilitator? No time like the present to take a test drive. Whether you've got a knack for coming up questions to review good books, have discovered a few tricks for making your garden grow, or want to revisit the somewhat obscure topic of your senior thesis, you and your smarts are welcome at EXCO. See below for more details on sharing what you know!


Seeking EXCO Class Facilitators for Spring 2013

WANTED: Outlaw educators and fugitive facilitators
Want to lead a free class or workshop?
Want to teach and learn with your community?
All are welcome to teach. Classes are free and open to everyone! Apply at by January 25th.
Classes can be on all kinds of subjects—from gardening and bike maintenance to feminism and anarchist anthropology—and in all sorts of formats—reading groups, skill-shares, workshops, discussions.
Small amounts of funds may be available for class supplies and honorariums. We can help find space for your class, and we provide facilitator orientation, training, and support.
Join the movement for free, community-led education!
Class applications due by January 25. Most classes will start in early March. Apply at or call and leave a message at 651-998-9268.
Questions? - email us at
Enseñe una clase con Academia Comunitaria y ExCo / Aplica antes del 25 de enero.
¿Te gustaria participar en una Academia Comunitaria donde tienes la oportunidad de

Estamos buscando gente con interés de compartir sus conocimientos con la comunidad.
Únete al movimiento de la Educación Gratuita para tod@s.
Algunos fondos podrían estar disponibles para el abastecimiento de clase y honorarios.
Para mas información llama al 651-998-9268 o ver
Educación Comunitaria Experímental de las Ciudades Gemelas (ExCo)

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