Friday, June 8, 2012

Accepting Applications: Headwaters Foundation Fall 2012 Social Justice Leadership Institute

The Headwaters Foundation for Justice is recruiting for its second cohort of the Social Justice Leadership Institute. Using a social justice philanthropy model, the Institute engages emerging leaders in shared learning, reflection, and action related to grassroots fundraising and organizing. Consider applying if your interest is not only in doing social justice organizing work but also generating the resources necessary to fund and support its infrastructure. Details on upcoming information sessions follows!

HFJ logo mediumNow Recruiting for Fall 2012 Social Justice Leadership Institute!

Interested in leading the next generation of Social Justice Philanthropy?Take part in the Social Justice Leadership Institute this fall!

Information Sessions June 19 and June 28

The Headwaters Foundation for Justice is now recruiting for the Fall 2012 Social Justice Leadership Institute.  If you or someone you know might be interested in joining this year's Institute, attend one of two information sessions being held June 19 at Common Roots Cafe and June 28 at Open Book Center to learn more. 

The Social Justice Leadership Institute is a participatory model of fundraising for social change and building community.  We're looking for a group of emerging Twin Cities leaders who are interested in investing themselves in the community to better understand local injustices and bring about transformative change.  Participants will be part of a group of approximately 25 people coming from diverse backgrounds to learn, reflect, and act together.  Participants will develop and improve their skills as donor organizers and grassroots fundraisers, working together to strategically support underfunded social justice organizing in Minnesota. Click here for further information. 
The Headwaters Foundation is a catalyst for social, racial, economic and environmental justice. The Foundation was established in 1984 with the belief that the power for fundamental social change is in the hands of ordinary people. Through grantmaking and organizational assistance, Headwaters focuses on grassroots efforts, engaging and partnering with a committed community of donors and allies in its work. As a public foundation, Headwaters raises all of the money it gives away in grants.  The Foundation distributes over $400,000 annually to groups working for social change. In its history, Headwaters has provided organizational support to more than 870 projects and trained 2,500 community leaders through its capacity building program. To date, Headwaters has distributed $9.3 million dollars across 3,405 grants.  As a member of The Funding Exchange, Headwaters is part of a national network of community foundations committed to addressing social justice at the grassroots level. 

For further information on Headwaters Foundation and the Social Justice Leadership Institute click here or go to

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