Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Accepting Applications: AchieveMpls Seeks Alumni for Steering Committee!

I'm in the midst of helping to plan my upcoming 10-year high school reunion and am prouder than ever to be Irish at heart! Whether or not you still identify with your local mascot, perhaps you also still appreciate the classmates, teachers, and subjects that were a part of your educational formation. If you graduated from a Minneapolis public high school and want to give back in a big way, consider joining their inaugural Minneapolis Public Schools Alumni Network Steering Committee. The recruitment deadline is this Friday, so get your application in quick: handing in your homework late is so 10 years ago.

AchieveMpls Seeks Alumni for Steering Committee!

Are you a proud alum of a Minneapolis public high school? AchieveMpls is seeking motivated and energetic alumni of the Minneapolis Public Schools to serve on the Steering Committee of the newly formed MPS Alumni Network.

The MPS Alumni Network

The MPS Alumni Network is comprised of alumni of all Minneapolis public high schools who are committed to supporting public education in Minneapolis. The Network supports current MPS students in preparing for college and careers, promotes greater understanding of the strengths and challenges of MPS and connects MPS alumni from all backgrounds for increased personal and professional success.

Steering Committee members set the direction for the Network by determining its strategy and activities in its first year. Serving on the Steering Committee gives members the chance to expand their social and professional networks while developing valuable leadership skills.


Steering Committee members serve for one year and spend approximately 2 hours per month on their duties including attending meetings, planning events and conducting outreach. They are also expected to become dues-paying members of the Network by paying the $25 annual membership fee.

Join Us!

Steering Committee members are being recruited through June 30. For more information or to express interest in serving on the Steering Committee, please contact Rebecca Noecker, Manager of Business and Non-profit Partnerships, at 612-455-1571 or rnoecker@achievempls.org.

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