Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You're Invited: What are we (or aren’t we) doing about childhood obesity?

Last year, I was pleased to join the Governing Council of the Minnesota Public Health Association and have since enjoyed getting to know and work with other members of the board of directors. Our 2011-2012 Policy Forum Series asks, "What Plagues Our Children?" The second installment in the series focuses on the obesity epidemic and considers perceptions of weight, the impact of programs tackling obesity and physical activity issues, and efforts to promote healthy eating habits in children. Join us in this critical conversation and work for the health of Minnesota's future generations!

What Plagues our Children?

Our 2011-2012 policy forum series explores topics related to the health of our children. Panelists and forum participants will focus this discussion on the problem of childhood obesity. Topics will include changing perceptions about weight, the impact of programs to address obesity and physical activity, and the changing views about promoting healthy eating habits in children. David Golden, MPHA President-elect, will moderate the forum.

Please plan on joining MPHA colleagues and friends as we explore:

What are we (or aren’t we) doing about childhood obesity?

January 20, 2012 7:30-9:00am

Minnesota Department of Health

Snelling Office Park

1645 Energy Park Drive
Saint Paul, MN 55108

A breakfast of locally produced and organic foods will begin at 7:00am. The cost of the forum is $8 for MPHA members, $15 for non-members and $5 for students.

There will be plenty of free parking.

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