Friday, January 6, 2012

Cast your vote for Grassroots Solutions' “Organizer of the Year!”

We asked for your nominations for some of the most influential and skilled organizers during a big year of changemaking in 2011, and we got 'em! Now it's time to cast your vote for who inspires you the most! Remember the winner receives a prize of paid registration and travel stipend for the 2012 Netroots Nation conference in Providence, RI. Cast your vote today!

grassroots solutions

Meet Our Organizers!

Amanda Bell– “Amanda works her magic and people come together. Her skills and passion are motivating and epic.”

Amanda is a community organizer with Living Our Visions, Wisconsin, a grassroots organization of individuals with disabilities, families and community members building fulfilling, community centered lives for all citizens. Amanda’s supporters say that when she was handed a list of 300 families in need of services for their adult children with disabilities, she picked up the phone and developed a taste for coffee, spending two years in coffee shops listening deeply to anyone who wouldn’t hang up on her. She empowers families to "use what they have to get what they don't have" and helps them build a web of relational support to meet their needs.

Jonathan Perri– “Over the years, Jon has provided me with priceless wisdom, guidance, and insight, helping me become a better activist…”

Jon is a senior organizer for criminal justice at, the world’s fastest growing platform for social change that empowers an international network of people to fight for what’s right locally, nationally, and globally. Those who nominated Jon attest to his leadership, impact, and passion, citing Jon’s involvement as the reason why they became and continue to be involved in social change campaigns. Jon has been instrumental in raising awareness and fighting for the rights of people who simply do not have a voice due to their age, circumstances, or other factors.

Steve Fletcher – “If we all had Steve Fletcher’s energy – all things would be solved!”

Steve is the executive director of Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, a nonprofit organization committed to building power in low-income and moderate-income neighborhoods in the Twin Cities through community organizing, civic engagement, and education. Neighborhood residents testify to the energy Steve has put into building a powerful neighborhood organization that fights for a fair economy, education and housing. Steve and his organization fought especially hard in North Minneapolis last year, where the community was crippled by one of the largest gaps in unemployment rates between whites and blacks in the country, a devastating tornado that left hundreds of families homeless, and eight school closings within three miles.

Voting is now open!

Cast your vote for “Organizer of the Year” today! The organizer with the most votes will receive complimentary registration to the 2012 Netroots Nation conference in Providence, RI, plus a $500 travel stipend. As an added bonus, the winner will also be featured on our annual holiday card that is mailed to thousands of people all across the country. Oh, and there might be some grassroots solutions and EchoDitto swag involved as well.

Voting is open until 5PM CST on Tuesday, January 10. Cast your vote today!

grassroots solutions

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