Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You're Invited: Navigating Incorporation Options for Social Enterprises

As you consider how to be and what to do with your social good interests at the outset of 2012, the Twin Cities chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance invites you to learn about navigating incorporation options for social enterprises. If your mission-driven and community engagement efforts could use some framework and infrastructure development, this may be a fruitful conversation and network for you and the year ahead!
The board of our Twin Cities chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance is very excited to welcome you to our first gathering of the new year!

Event: Navigating Incorporation Options for Social Enterprises

Time & Date: 4:00 - 7:30 pm (includes social/networking time) Thursday, January 12th.

Place: University of St. Thomas - Minneapolis

Parking: street meters immediately surrounding the building, or the ramp adjacent to Terrance Hall.

What's the best corporate form to "do good"? Social enterprises often have flexibility with choices in that their approach to the market allows them a variety of incorporation options.

This educational event will help you explore some incorporation options, and hopefully allow you to come away with some useful ideas for your organization.

Additionally, we'll hear from leaders in the field of social enterprise to understand how they navigated the incorporation options for their enterprises.

Please come with your questions, and plan to join us for refreshments and networking following the educational event!

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