Friday, January 7, 2011

Accepting Applications: Powered by Engine

One of the best things about the holidays is the exchange of greeting cards, update letters, and yes, mass texts, that remind of you of all the people who have touched your life and whose lives you have touched. Minnesota Rising received a New Year's communique from Jim Delaney at Engine, which provides a revolutionary way for talented professionals and nonprofits to work together, sharing that they are seeking highly-skilled volunteers for 6 exciting projects they'll be embarking upon at the start of 2011. See below for the note and spread the good word about one of the ways to make 2011 one of the best yet!

Hi friends –

These days, people keep talking about “the new normal” in many walks of life. While Engine is new, I don’t think we can be considered normal quite yet. We offer a new way to engage in community activity, spend volunteer time and engage with talented peers. I recently got this testimonial from a participant on an Engine project:

“This project provided me with a unique opportunity to use my professional skills in a new and exciting way. Partnered with extremely talented professionals from all over the Twin Cities, I left our meetings energized, engaged and extremely motivated to do more. It is truly an amazing feeling to leverage your professional skills in a way that furthers the cause of a nonprofit organization and inspiring to meet so many other people that share your passion.”

We are currently seeking several more highly-skilled people to engage in important community activity in a new and compelling way. We look for people who want to:
  • Develop their leadership and professional skills
  • Build or enhance their network of highly-capable peers
  • Engage in high-impact capacity-building for nonprofits
Specific skills are not required, but backgrounds in marketing, sales, Six Sigma, HR, accounting, consulting, finance or general management are all a plus. We also have an IT reporting project.

List of upcoming Engine projects -
Participant application –

Please apply or pass this on to friends or colleagues who want a unique and engaging experience.

One last thing – we just moved into our new office at 91 S 10th street (right near The Local) – keep an eye out for upcoming events!

Thanks, and Happy New Year!
Jim Delaney

Principal – Engine for Social Innovation


  1. Keep on doing whatever it is that you do – Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and posting some positivity! Looks like your cards are also helping to liven up lives!-)


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