Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Minnesota High Tech Association Presents ACE Leadership Program

Recently in the news due to their newly selected Executive Director, the first female Speaker of the House in Minnesota, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, the Minnesota High Tech Association has developed the ACE Leadership Program to support Minnesota in continuing to develop its high tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial leadership. It's the right kind of program for where our state's innovation and technology should be headed; see the details below to find out if it's the right kind of program for you!


The purpose of the ACE Leadership Program is to develop and connect our region’s next generation technology leaders, and to assist them in preparing for the important roles that they will play in making and keeping our region globally competitive.

MHTA and ACE Leadership Program advocates believe that effective leaders:
  • Are aware of and understand their individual strengths and leadership skills;
  • Can communicate their beliefs and use their leadership skills as advocates;
  • Collaborate effectively, respecting differences in leadership styles; and
  • Create lasting value for their companies and their communities by doing so.
The ACE Leadership Program is designed around these principles, and creates opportunities for participants to:
  • Increase awareness of and explore their leadership strengths (and blind spots) in an applied, real-world setting;
  • Explore issues that are important to make and keep their companies and our region’s tech-based economy globally competitive;
  • Test and improve their ability to communicate and advocate for these issues, and
  • Connect and collaborate with regional leaders and other next generation leaders to drive innovation and positively impact their organizations and communities.
The ACE Leadership Program employs a philosophy of leaders teaching leaders. Current senior executives from technology companies, government and education share leadership stories, journeys and philosophies. This provides opportunities for participants to meet with and learn from a number of senior leaders, throughout the course of the program.

Another model employed is action learning. Participants receive and discuss new information, apply it in their own organization and in small groups as they collaborate with fellow participants. The ACE Leadership Program includes mentors and facilitators, to reinforce learning. Homework and small group initiatives/activities create visibility and play a pivotal role in the learning.


Tuition is $2750 for participants from MHTA member companies and $3750 for participants from non-member companies. Full tuition is due upon acceptance into the program.
2011 ACE Leadership Tuition Includes:
- All meals and one night's hotel accomodations forJanuary 20th and January 21st at Oakridge
- Breakfast, lunch and parking at all sessions
- One free ticket to the April 14, 2010 MHTA Spring Conference

The 2011 ACE Leadership Program will consist of seven full day sessions, an overnight at Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center and a few other partial day activities, spread over the course of a year.

Small work groups will meet between some sessions while working on ACE project. There will also be a social gathering in July to allow for continuity during the summer months. The small work groups will present their project/initiative ideas at the October 2011 MHTA board of directors’ meeting, which can then be considered during MHTA's November strategic planning session. A post-program, graduation celebration will be held with program participants, the MHTA board and participant company executives.


The 40 participants selected for the ACE Leadership Program will form a diverse group relative to backgrounds and experiences in technology industries/careers, and will come from both emerging and established technology businesses. Potential participants should submit a written application. Application will be accepted July 1, 2010 - November 30, 2010. All applicants will meet or speak with MHTA leadership to ensure fit and that expectations align with program goals. An interview will be scheduled upon receipt of application.


Questions and requests for additional information should be directed to MaryFrances Schurb at or 952-230-4241.

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