Friday, November 5, 2010

Get ready for "Give to the Max Day" on November 16!

November 16th, 2010 is Give to the Max Day. One of the tweets I like to share when praising Minnesota's levels of civic engagement and concern for community is from @socialcitizen, early in the day during last year's inaugural Give to the Max Day:

We're in the midst of a tough economy, are being stretched in numerous ways (personally, professionally, financially) as individuals and communities, and to be frank, $14 million+ is a lot to fundraise in one day. But, as Harry Boyte wrote in the Minnesota Civic Health Index , “One important finding of the national Civic Health Index points to the importance of widely communicating stories about civic traditions and current practices. Knowledge of the existence of a civic tradition turns out to be a powerful predictor of civic engagement. People who know that there is a civic tradition are much more likely to be civically involved.” My guess is that this principle also applies to a strong tradition of philanthropy and given the commitment of the nonprofit community and generous Minnesotans, we may well break our record from last year and Give to the Max this November 16, 2010!

The Great Minnesota Give Together

Give to the Max Day returns as a day to inspire unprecedented levels of charitable giving in the state of Minnesota! Our goal is to beat our own record and get 40,000 people to give to their favorite Minnesota charity on November 16. Hundreds of nonprofits will offer the opportunity to double your dollars throughout the 24 hours. Every donation you make gives your favorite organization the chance to win even more money. On November 16 your gift makes a BIG difference.


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