Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Our Minnesota" Cascading Conversations Tour 2014 Analysis: Theme 6 of 6

In honor of our sixth anniversary celebration, Minnesota Rising is excited to release the initial six findings from the "Our Minnesota" Cascading Conversations Tour! Check out this month's blog posts to see what we've learned about how this group of emerging leaders views and does leadership in Minnesota. You can read more about the report methodology and participant profiles in the first post of this series. Thanks so much to the leaders of our Design, Advance, and Analysis teams, especially Jenny Hegland, Heidi Smith, Nick Stuber, Eriks Dunens, Taylor Vollmer, and Alexis Walstad!

And as the name implies, we are looking to continue cascading these conversations across the state this summer - and invite you to join us. Let us know if you'd like to be invited to participate in a conversation and/or join our Advance Team and help host 3 to 5 conversations this summer!

Theme 6 of 6: Emerging Leaders are deeply motivated to live life in accordance with their values, which manifests itself in lifestyle decision and community involvement

Emerging leaders expressed what other researchers studying this generation have shared – that Millennials are deeply motivated by values. One participant who had a comfortable job switched careers to align her values to her work, explaining,
“It's also important for work to have meaning. [I] needed a role that [I] felt invested in.”  

Each of the five preceding themes represents some of those values. Emerging leaders in our conversations described how it impacts where they shop, what they eat, and how they choose to spend their time. They expressed the importance of being purposefully engaged in their communities, helping to advance the causes and policies they believe can shape a better future for Minnesota.
“I see people ... trying to make sure [they] are not just going into communities to do service but they are thinking critically about their service. Thinking about who [sic] they are, what they're trying to bring to their organizations or communities, how that might be perceived or received by their organizations or communities, and trying to give them a sense of whether they can live out their values in this nonprofit work and what that actually looks like.”

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