Friday, September 6, 2013

You're Invited | Dollar by Dollar - How Milliennials Do Philanthropy: Inside Out

Money talks. But what exactly does it say? Join YNPN Twin Cities to unpack the values, expectations, and questions associated with charitable giving and fundraising at "Dollar by Dollar - How Millennials Do Philanthropy: Inside Out." Be prepared to be generous - with your ideas, curiosity, and yourself!

September 25, 2013

As mission-driven young professionals, most of us either work in or with nonprofits that rely on some aspect of fundraising. We hear at work about the importance of the individual fund campaign and probably overhear the word "donations" semi-regularly. But what's our role in philanthropy? Do you consider yourself a "philanthropist"? Is the title "philanthropist" reserved for seasoned professionals with overflowing pocket change? No way. It's time to embrace our roles as young philanthropists.

In YNPN-TC's first ever program focusing on individual giving, we'll hear how other young nonprofit leaders engage their friends around giving through innovative, community-driven tactics. Then we'll discuss the practical ins and outs of how to be a thoughtful philanthropist, on a budget, by hearing from an expert financial advisor and an expert in inspiring a culture of giving in your workplace.  

Additionally, we'll kick off the evening with a quick interactive survey that will anonymously poll the audience on giving history, salaries, and cause areas of support. At the end of the evening, we'll review the data and see how Twin Cities' millennials match up to national individual giving trends.

Register NOW for this event - we can only have room for approximately 50 attendees!

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