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[Minnesota Rising Dispatch] May 2013

[#mnrising Dispatch] May 2013

Earlier this month, we celebrated our 4th birthday with some of our best friends at the Minnesota Rising Fail Lab: Failing Into the Future. We played games (Jenga!), drew pictures, and collectively reflected on the things we've learned from our stumbles and climbing over the years. Failure teaches us empathy, patience, and to re-prioritize. It affords us clarity, urges us to redefine success, and bids us to be seize opportunities! Emboldened, we're continuing our initiative to develop our Learning Labs series and hope you'll join us at our world cafe conversation next month to design and devise our next steps!

Collaborative Competence: Cultivating Capacity for Collective Leadership
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 | 5:30pm Light Dinner; 6:00pm - 8:00pm World Cafe
The Engine Room
91 South 10th Street, Minneapolis 55403
Register online by June 24

Minnesota is experiencing vast change due to rapid advances in technology, increased political polarization, and diversifying demographics. Exploring these trends can provide us insight into the new kinds of leadership that will be required to navigate and shape a future we can all be proud of 30 years from today. Join Minnesota Rising to discuss the implications of these changing trends and to help identify the collective leadership competencies that can be cultivated in order to lead collaboratively. The results of this world cafe conversation will shape future Minnesota Rising Learning Labs and the development of a collaborative competence resource collection. Come prepared to share about your own experiences in leading change and the skills and perspectives you consider critical for leading into the future!
Millennial engagement levels

Creating a Virtuous Cycle of Engagement for Millennials

Kari Saratovsky for care2

While members of the Millennial Generation, now the largest generation in our nation's history, are widely known for a desire to give back to their communities or be part of large social change movements - the way Millennials define their engagement tends to be very different from the way organizations do. When you ask a Millennial, "Do you support a nonprofit or social cause?" The resounding answer is "Yes!" When you follow that up by asking, "How do you support that organization?" You're likely to hear answers like, I signed a petition, changed my avatar on Twitter, or liked them on Facebook. Now, ask an organization if Millennials are supporting their cause, and they say, "No, we just can't figure out how to reach them." There in lies the disconnect between Millennials who believe they are supporting activism versus what organizations see as truly engaged participation. [Read more.]

UnDocu-book: documenting stories of MN's immigrant students and their allies

NAVIGATE Book Project

NAVIGATE is working with students in creating a book documenting stories of MN's immigrant students and their allies. We are collecting stories of individuals who want to share their stories with the world. We know that many other states are creating art and literature around their immigrant communities. But hardly do we ever document our own stories in our beautiful state of MN. We are looking for diversity - gender, country of origin, age, sexual orientation, different parts of MN, taken different paths to "success," different immigration status, students, professionals, race, ethnicity. Your story can be about school, your hopes, your dreams, your falls, your getting ups, you working with immigrant students, or whatever has inspired you to keep going. [Read more.]

GNLV Heading

Generation Now Leadership Visit

Citizens League Emerging Leaders

The Generation Now Leadership Visit is a 3-day trip to Milwaukee for current and rising leaders within Minnesota's professional community. This is an opportunity for emerging leaders and mid-career adults (around 25-40 years of age) who want to expand their leadership skills, both personally and professionally, through a hands-on interactive learning program. The trip will introduce participants to various innovative ideas and programs in Milwaukee and to the leaders who champion these initiatives. Participants will leave the trip with a deeper understanding of community issues in Milwaukee, the various leadership styles in use and how these styles and solutions can be adapted and incorporated into our own communities. [Read more.]
2013 Minnesotans of African Descent Power of Unity Summit

2013 Minnesotans of African Descent Summit

Council on Black Minnesotans

The Council on Black Minnesotans in partnership with the Minnesota Humanities Center is delighted to invite you to join us in recognizing our history and culture, celebrating our present and shaping our future at the 2013 Minnesotans of African Descent Summit from June 28 - 30 at the Minnesota History Center. The 2013 Summit celebrates the connections, commonalities, and contributions of all Minnesotans of African descent and fosters harmony and growth. This weekend-long celebration will be centered around the themes of Power of Unity, Power of Communication, and Power of Family. Each day is packed with different activities. Expect to engage with community leaders, be entertained, create a lasting artistic impression, and celebrate the family. Registration is required; there is no fee for this event but space is limited so register early. [Read more.]

News from the Network

Updates and events with our esteemed network partners and collaborators!

YNPN's Night at the Guthrie
YNPN Twin Cities
Tuesday, June 4, 2013
7:30pm showing of Clybourne Park
Guthrie Theater

The Happy Hour Effect: Minimize Stress. Maximize Life.
Torch Community
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
5:30pm - 8:00pm

Grand Hotel Minneapolis
$10.00 before June 3 | $15.00 Pre-registration | $20.00 at door

Ashoka Solutions Forum 6: The Making of Inclusive Economies
Ashoka Twin Cities
Thursday, June 13, 2013
7:00pm - 9:00pm
James J. Hill Library

The Millennial Trains Project
10 Cities + 10 Days
Departs August 8, 2013
Apply today to begin crowdhitching!

Words from the World Wide Web

May 2013 Edition

Civic Engagement and Political Leadership Among Women - a Call for Solutions | May 9, 2013 | CIRCLE
Young men are significantly more likely in their senior year to think highly of their own leadership skills, even though young women are more likely to be civically engaged. Young White women are more likely to have participated in every measured indicator of engagement than young women of color. These differences in engagement raise significant concerns about access to opportunities, skill development and encouragement and confidence to take leadership roles.

Amazing Career Advice for College Grads from LinkedIn's Billionaire Founder | May 12, 2013 | Business Insider
Reid Hoffman says it took him 15 years after graduating from Stanford in 1990 to figure out what he was really doing with his life. Figure it out, he did! Hoffman is now the billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn, a $19 billion public company. 

Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation | May 20, 2013 | Time Magazine
Joel Stein examines the overwhelming negative data about Millennials and argues that rather than being inherently self-centered or overconfident, Millennials are just adapting quickly to a world undergoing rapid technological change. 


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