Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You're Invited: Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation Next Generation Brown Bag Lunch

The "next generation" has started to swiftly become the "now generation" and communities all across Minnesota are acknowledging the value of the perspectives and insights of emerging leaders to their work. Fortunately, the invitation to join these community leadership efforts is accompanied by an offering of training and support. Those in the FM area are welcomed by the Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation to learn about the nonprofit sector in Cass and Clay counties and to consider sharing your time and energy in support of local organizations that contribute to the community. The nonprofit sector needs you, and more importantly, Minnesota needs you!

You are the Next Generation of leaders for the nonprofit sector, and there are more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations serving Cass and Clay counties.The sector needs your new ideas, energy, your efficiency of operations, and your commitment.

I am excited to invite you to a short session where you will learn about the nonprofit sector; why it exists, what it accomplishes, and the ethical and legal responsibilities that provide the framework for accountability.

No commitment; however, we can provide assistance in connecting you to an organization…as a committee member, as a short term volunteer, or as a board member.

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