Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Contribute to the "Our Minnesota" Cascading Conversations Tour!

Our Minnesota: Building a State of Trust

Over the next two years, “Our Minnesota” will connect people through a cascading conversations tour, which will collect the ideas of thousands of Minnesotans from across the state through one-on-one conversations. These conversations will spark fun, engaging opportunities for people to discuss their values and visions for Minnesota’s future and to share how they could make that future a reality. Over two years, the number of conversations and places in which those conversations occur will grow exponentially. Each person invited to share their ideas will be asked to continue the conversation with another person, growing an ever-expanding network of people who will ultimately build “Our Minnesota” together.

Our objective is to strengthen the network and capacity of emerging leaders in Minnesota and to work toward a shared vision for the future of our state. While we cannot develop a strategic plan for our generation, we can be strategic about our intentions for the Minnesota we will create together. The cascading conversations tour is an attempt to discover what we have in common, to learn about what’s working in Minnesota that we can build on, and to uncover how we can work individually and collectively to achieve the future we desire. We invite anyone and everyone who thinks this matters to join us in these conversations!

Download the Cascading Conversations Blueprint here, which includes a Conversation Guide, Feedback Form, and instructions on how to participate. If you've like to be invited to participate in a cascading conversation by a member of the Minnesota Rising Cascading Conversations Tour Advance Team, let us know via email and someone will be in touch with you soon! Once you've conducted your cascading conversation, you can share back your feedback on the online form! Please enter your responses from the cascading conversations feedback form, found on page 5 of the Cascading Conversations Blueprint. Thanks for your contributions to our Minnesota!

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