Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reportback: Minnesota Rising at Minneapolis Communities Connections Conference

Post and photo from the matron of the Minnesota Rising Cascading Conversations Tour, Ms. Jenny Hegland!

Minnesota Rising hosted a table at Saturday’s first-ever Communities Connections Conference, "Building Better Communities through Neighborhoods” hosted by the City of Minneapolis’ Neighborhood and Community Relations department. The conference attendees were energized and engaged, as they learned together and spent time in community throughout the day.

At our table, we shared the purpose of Minnesota Rising with attendees and invited them to participate in our Cascading Conversations Tour. In an effort to learn from those we met, we asked participants to share their ideas in response to the question, “What is the boldest, most inspiring vision you hold for Minnesota’s future?” This activity reminded us just how much Minnesotans care about the future of our state and that there are deep values we hold in common. Here’s what we learned!

What is the boldest, most inspiring vision you hold for Minnesota’s future?
  • Those with the least are invested in the most and we all rise together
  • Everybody has the same chance to affordably go to college
  • Less pollution. More recycling.
  • Leadership represents urban demography
  • Fewer power plants
  • Celebration of our differences for many more generations to come
  • Peace
  • Reducing disparities at all levels
  • Bringing all different communities together to see what it uplifts
  • Localized food system with equal access to education, space to grow, places to buy (healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate foods)
  • One love
  • No more war. Peace.
  • An expansive middle class
  • Gay people will be able to get married
  • Eliminating poverty and racism
  • All American Indians graduate with support from all communities & engagement!
  • If bullying would stop, our youth can live in a community and go to school without being judged or discriminated
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Equal opportunities for all people so that everyone can have a better life and truly be happy
  • True equality for people of all races, economic classes, and with different outlooks on life
  • Local resilience
  • Safety
  • People joined by regional economies, especially local food
  • Equal rights
  • Enhancing the overall quality of living in urban communities through clean energy
  • Sparkling clean water throughout the natural systems
  • Equality and peace
  • For women to have the same equal rights as men
  • 100% renewable electricity in 10 years
  • Racial, economic, and gender equality
  • No war & racism
  • Marriage equality
  • Everyone can find great employment
  • Black Americans are embraced and allowed to have a gathering place for businesses
  • Access to organic, local, and affordable food
  • Affordable education for all
  • Embrace newcomers
  • No war and discrimination
  • Peace and hard work
  • Employment for all who desire to work at $12/hr. or higher
  • Open streets every Sunday throughout various neighborhoods (Ciclovias)
  • Figure out how to build a well-functioning transportation system
  • Transportation! High speed rail, expansion of LRT, local street car lines in urban neighborhoods

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