Thursday, November 10, 2011

You're Invited: Twin Cities Media Alliance Fall Media Forum

The Twin Cities Media Alliance is hosting their annual Fall Media Forum this weekend to inform, connect, and organize citizens and citizen journalists. Curious to how to amplify your voice, or to learn about how you can unite it with others in the midst of a challenging economy and development of a new normal? Find out more about your one-stop shop below!

Fall Media Forum: Inform, Connect, Organize: Media Tools for the New Normal

Inform, Connect, Organize: Media Tools for the New Normal

Twin Cities Media Alliance Fall Media Forum
November 12, 2011
Minneapolis Central Public Library
Free and open to the public.

Click here to register.

Budget cuts and a tough economy threaten many of the things that Minnesotans value most - the quality of our schools, the vitality of our neighborhoods, even our jobs and livelihoods. This free public forum focuses on the media tools and information resources that can help citizens, communities and businesses inform themselves, communicate and work together.

New tools for advocacy and political engagement: The rules of political organizing haven’t changed, but the tools have. If you want to be effective in the political arena, you have to know how to use the latest social and digital media tools.

New tools for communicating and networking: Tools for organizing your members, identifying your assets.

Marketing without a budget: Whether you are a neighborhood business selling hardware or a community organization selling an advocacy campaign, you need to understand the tools of online marketing.

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