Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You're Invited: InCommons Collab-umentary Night!

I'm a fan of collaboration, documentaries, and made-up words. There's clearly no way I can resist attending next week's "Collab-umentary," hosted by InCommons. A night focused on storytelling, collaborative and technical skills-building, and sharing some wisdom, it's sure to be an evening of crowd-sourced fun! If you want to save yourself a spot, do so soon; registration closes on Thursday, December 1!


A collaborative experience brought to you by InCommons, an initiative of the Bush Foundation

The story of your work in communities is valuable - and we want to help you tell it through video. That's why we'd like to extend this special invitation to you to join us for the first-ever InCommons Collab-umentary Night.


Never heard of a Collab-umentary? Not surprising, because we just made it up! It's not a technical workshop - instead, it's a blend of crowd-sourcing and video creation to tell the story about the change work happening in our communities. 

It's an evening designed both for those of you who need help learning how to tell your story through video AND those of you who have some ideas to share - because InCommons is about people learning together and helping each other turn challenges into opportunities. Share a little wisdom, get a little wisdom, and maybe next time when InCommons holds another collaboration night, the roles will be reversed.


  • Time to meet and connect with other people like you making change in their communities
  • A hands-on, collaborative video-making experience using participatory techniques (which means you will be getting up out of your chair and into all sorts of shenanigans)
  • A tasty meal from Chow Girls Catering
  • Surprise giveaways


You don't want to miss it, so grab whatever gizmo or back of an envelope that holds your calendar and mark this one down:

Collab-umentary Night

Monday, December 5

5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Appetizers, dinner, and cash bar available

CoCo Minneapolis

400 S. 4th St., 4th Floor

Minneapolis, MN 55415

Please RSVP here by Thursday, December 1. But don't wait too long, space is limited!

If you want to help make sure the right people are in the room, spread the word and invite other people who are working to make change in their communities and have a story to tell!


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