Saturday, August 27, 2011

20 Questions for Minnesota Rising Un/Conference 2011 Network Partners

20 Questions for Minnesota Rising Un/Conference 2011 Network Partners

Thank you for serving as a Network Partner for the Minnesota Rising 2011 Un/Conference: Building A Network For What’s Next! Please use any 3-5 questions of the following 20 prompts as a guide for writing your Network Partner blog post (300-600 words) for the Minnesota Rising blog. Please also include your organizational logo or a relevant photo in your email to by Friday, September 9.

1. In two sentences, what does your group/organization do?

2. Who makes up your membership?

3. What was your group/organization’s biggest accomplishment in the past year?

4. If you could have any celebrity/famous person join your group/organization, who would it be and why?

5. Where will your grup/organization be in three years?

6. Which quintessential Minnesota landmark best represents your group/organization?

7. What makes the members of your group/organization unique and rockstars?

8. What other Network Partner do you most want to partner with in the future and why?

9. If your group/organization were a Sesame Street character, which one would you be and why?

10. How do you determine who is on your board/in leadership positions? What does your board/leadership do in your organization?

11. Who has been the best speaker your group has featured at an event?

12. If your board members were cast on a TV show, what TV show would it be and why?

13. What’s the best way for people connect with your group/organization?

14. If your group/organization could only do one thing in 2011 - event, program, resource, etc - what would it be and why?

15. What is your group/organization’s theme song and why?

16. You’re ordering delivery for your board meeting. What do you order and from what restaurant?

17. A genie gives you one wish for your group/organization. What do you wish for?

18. Who has been an outstanding member of your group/organization this year and why?

19. The Governor wants your group/organization to counsel him on an important issue. What issue is it and what do you tell the Governor?

20. What’s one thing your group/organization is going to bring to the table at the 2011 UnConference?

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