Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Join Headwaters Foundation for the social justice party of the year!‏

Injustice is both small and big, and Headwaters Foundation is working to to fund the fight, connect with those on the front lines of change, and training grassroots organizations and organizers. Take advantage of a special opportunity this month to help tip the scales toward justice: the Headwaters Foundation is offering a special discounted rate (see details below) this week for young professionals to attend their 13th annual Allies for Justice Awards Celebration & Dinner!


Meg Anderson & David Washburn
Monica Bryand & Tess Rizzardi
Claire Chang & Dave Kippen
Barbara Forster & Larry Hendrickson
Charlotte Forsythe
Shalini Gupta & Jim Kleinschmit
Ron Hanft
Trista & Mark Harris
Dan Hawkins & Michael Welter
Sally & Chuck Jorgensen
Dodie & John Kostishack
Brad Kruse
Amy Lange & Jane Newman
Boa Lee
Bob Lyman & Kaia Svien
Jim Sauder & Paul Hogrefe
Mark Sherman & Shelley Sherman
Tiana Toso
Ruth & David Waterbury
Jodi Williams & Mark Gemmell
Michael Wilson & Amy Lokensgard


Advocating Change Together
African & American Friendship
Association for Cooperation &

Bremer Bank

Center for Public Ministry at United
Theological Seminary

Community Action Partnership

Community Consulting Group

Community Shares of Minnesota


Environmental Justice Advocates of

Growth & Justice / Wealth for the

Common Good
Harrison Neighborhood Association


Main Street Project

Mental Health Consumer Survivor Network

Native Americans in Philanthropy

Northwest Area Foundation

Peace Coffee

PFund Foundation

Project 515

Seven Corners Printing

Anthony Shane Florist

Triangle Park Creative

Trillium Asset Management Corporation

West Side Citizens Organization

Wellington Management, Inc.

Driving Directions to Nicollet Island Pavilion

For one week only, Headwaters is offering

a special discounted rate of


for young professionals who care about social issues

Join us for a fun evening at the Nicollet Island Pavilion

5 pm Cocktails
7 pm Dinner & Program

Nicollet Island Pavilion

40 Power Street

Minneapolis, MN 55401-1539

Purchase your tickets here

between now and May 10th to receive the special discounted rate!

Add to my calendar

Peace Coffee logoProject 515

Seven Corners

Anthony Shane LogoTriangle Park Creative logo

We are thrilled to have Twin Cities performing artist T. Mychael Rambo emceeing a program honoring CrossingBarriers, theOrganizing Apprenticeship Project, and Henry Bromelkamp.

A special thank you to all the incredible individuals, organizations and businesses that are sponsoring this year's celebration.

It is going to be another fun event on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi River.

Hope to see you there!

Headwaters Foundation logo

For further information contact:

Jodi Williams / 612 879-0602 x 12

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