Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Accepting Applications: Catalyst Youth Board

The first full class of the Catalyst Youth Board is graduating from high school this year and takes with them lifelong memories, best friendships, and having made a difference on tobacco and obesity prevention work in Minnesota. Kudos! We're on the lookout now for the next group of young changemakers on these critical health issues; please help recruit by sharing the information below, including the awesome Catalyst Summit video!

Apply for the Catalyst Youth Board!

So what is the Catalyst Youth Board?

The Catalyst Youth Board is leading this movement! Youth Board members help plan the Catalyst summit, other fun events, and travel the state with Catalyst staff to help present workshops and trainings. Awesome, right?

Bottom line, the Youth Board is a big deal! It's a great opportunity, but ladies and gentlemen it is also a commitment. We're not looking for people who are just applying because it sounds fun. This a solid time commitment, and we hold you to it. Here's an idea of some of the roles and responsibilities - read through, and if it sounds rockin', APPLY!

Click this link for all the application details!

Catalyst logo of students

Check out the NEW Summit Highlight Video!

We made a short video of the 2011 Catalyst Summit. It has all the behind the scenes, sessions, dancing, and FUN! Check it out here!

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