Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Integrating Civics & Public Policy in High School STEM Classrooms

The Citizens League & SciMathMN Invite High School STEM Teachers To A Roundtable Discussion:
Integrating Civics & Public Policy in High School STEM Classrooms

The Background
With a critical achievement gap in math, new standards in science, and continual emphasis on STEM curriculum, high school math and science teachers are facing new challenges. How can achievement in STEM be improved and maximized for students? Integrating civic skills and citizenship education into STEM classrooms is a unique approach that has the potential to enhance STEM instruction and at the same time revitalize declining high school civic education. By utilizing civic and public policy issues as a context for math and science problems students would not only understand technical concepts, but improve communication and team work skills, realize their individual political power and develop a deep awareness of the real world interconnectedness of STEM and policy.

The Roundtable
If civics and public policy are something you would like to integrate in your math or science classroom please join us for this roundtable discussion where we hope to create a casual atmosphere to discuss, exchange ideas, share lesson plans, listen and learn. Our aim is to further reflect on the possible benefits of integrating STEM subjects and civic education, brainstorm curriculum ideas and discuss how this concept fits with existing academic standards and how it could be incorporated into future standard revisions.

If you are interested in participating or have questions please contact Erin Larson at erin.scearcy.larson@gmail.com or (952) 210‐9197.

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