Tuesday, August 18, 2009

@MinnesotaRising Meets: Trisha Hasbargen Reinwald

Hey everyone! I'm excited for @MinnesotaRising to have our first vlog interview with Trisha Hasbargen Reinwald, a Millennial leader supporting other emerging and young leaders across the state! Please check it out and share your feedback below.

@MinnesotaRising Meets: Trisha Hasbargen Reinwald from Diane Tran on Vimeo.


Contact Info: trisha@mnjaycees.org, @mnjaycees, @trishahas, MN Jaycees Facebook
Year of Birth:
Resides in: St. Paul, MN
Favorite thing about Minnesota or being Minnesotan: "The summer culture - everyone scrambles to get out and do things and enjoy the outdoors when it is beautiful out, it makes the summers in most Minnesota communities both lively and laid back at the same time."


1:17 | How did you first become civically engaged?
"I didn't really become someone who was active in community until after college, which is kind of atypical, I think. I started looking around at different issue areas that I found interesting. I knew that I was interested in working in nonprofits or a political field of some sort so I started looking at what organizations were present in the Cities that I could get involved with. I walked into an annual meeting of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and luckily found a bunch of other young women that were really exciting and got me engaged."

2:26 | You've been involved with a lot of organizations that incorporate volunteers; what is your professional background and some of the organizations you've been involved with?
"Right after college, I got a job with the MN Council of Nonprofits as a program support position and got to see really broadly the landscape of nonprofits and realized very quickly that this was the industry that I wanted to be working with. It fed my interest in being civically active and I felt like professinally, working in civic organizations was a really good fit for me."

4:29 | At this point, you're with the Minnesota Jaycees. Can you me a little about them and what you do?
"The Minnesota Jaycees are a membership organization and have been around about 75 years. It's an organization that's kind of like a hybrid of a community organization and a fraternal organization. The mission is to engage young people in leadership development through community service."

6:25 | I feel like there's a trend here with you working with younger folks and emerging leaders. And it sounds like you've also created a few organizations or their Twin Cities counterparts, from the Emerging Leaders Network to the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. I'm curious what your draw is to Millennials or to your peers?
"I think it's energy. Working with and for young people and people at a similar age. I think energy and commitment to service is something Millennials have that I need to be around. I need to be around people who have that same sort of commitment."

7:49 | You have just graduated from graduate school and recently got married. Congratulations! In the midst of going to school full-time, planning a wedding, doing the work that you're doing and being an active volunteer in your community, how do you feel you've worked to balance your personal and your professional lives?
"That's a tough question and I don't know if I have a really good answer for that. One of the things is really having a partner who is understanding. I think he knew that when I decided to go to graduate school and I was going to go back to work full-time, through the end of my time in grad school, he knew he was going to be having to do a lot more in our relationship. I think it's just a give and a take."

10:10 | Any last thoughts you want to share with our viewers?
"I'm excited to be here in Minnesota. Obviously, we just got the number one ranking here in the Twin Cities - three years in a row now? I'm so glad to be living here - it's just an energizing community!"

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