Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hubert H. Humphrey Public Leadership Awards: Call for Nominations

Equally as important to the common good as calls to volunteering are calls to nominate and recognize volunteers who have made significant contributions to their commmunities. This year marks the 8th Annual Hubert H. Humphrey Public Leadership Awards which "honors individuals that have made demonstrated contributions to the common good through public leadership and service." Past local winners of note to @MinnesotaRising for their nonprofit and community-driven work include Jennifer Godinez, Pakou Hang, and Sean Kershaw.

Nominations must be postmarked by October 1, 2009 and must show how the nominee has:

*Contributed significantly to the common good through public leadership or service in elected office, the nonprofit/non-governmental sector, community service, and/or the private sector.

*Such contributions could include altering the political landscape through a lifetime of public leadership, sustaining a major positive influence through a career of public service, fostering a sense of community, demonstrating social entrepreneurship, furthering active citizenship, and/or demonstrating a significant act of courage in the face of opposition, pressure, or challenging circumstances.

*Special consideration will be given to nominees who have blurred political boundaries—whether working across party lines, crossing geo-political borders, or bridging other traditional divides. Nominees need not be from Minnesota.
The Hubert H. Humphrey Public Leadership Awards were inaugurated in 2003 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Institute taking the name of Minnesota's most famous public servant. The 8th annual awards will be presented at the Humphrey Institute Public Leadership Awards dinner in May 2010. Nominators have until October 1, 2009 to help raise up and recognize individuals in their lives who are serving the common good, which, in its own way, also furthers the common good.

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