Thursday, December 31, 2015

[Minnesota Rising Dispatch] December 2015

[#mnrising Dispatch] December 2015

2015 has been a year of growth and powerful transformation for Minnesota Rising. We were excited to launch our Greater Minnesota Rising research project to engage emerging leaders in the northwestern part of the state, innovate on our annual Un/Conference to host two IDEA GENERATION events advancing 11 ideators' visions for creating change, host our Collaborative Competence Learning Labs series (Story Lab in partnership with Hamline University and Imagine Lab at #bushCON15), share insights and analysis from the most recent round of our Cascading Conversations Tour, be featured as content experts on Minnesota's Millennial generation as part of a series on WCCO TV and a summit convened by Senator Klobuchar, develop critical and empowering content for emerging leaders of color through #mnrising's LOCUSinitiative, and host a cohort of emerging leaders on the Bdote Field Trip to educate ourselves on the history of this place we call home and for which we hope to shape a more equitable and stronger future.

Many thanks to our faithful and fantastic Sounding Board members in 2015, including: Graham Barr, Chet Bodin, Eriks Dunens, Ruth Hamberg, Ben Marcy, Brooke McManigal, David Milavetz, Becky Nahvi, Jackie Moore, Christina Perfetti, Nick Stuber, and Diane Tran.

Thanks again, to all of you partners in this network for what's next, for an incredible year of introspection and intentional re-invention in 2015, and here's to more energy and adventures ahead in 2016!
Sondra Samuels


January 9, 2016
Minnesota's four seasons offer plenty of opportunities 4Play. Join us for the first official day of play as we heat up winter in a way only Minnesota can - Winter Trails Day! 4Play provides a safe space where experimentation is encouraged. Try a new winter activity or stick with a trusty favorite that works for you, whether that's ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, geocaching, or a naturalist-guided hike or a good ol' romp in the snow - all that's required is you and an open mind! Get outside of your comfort zone with thousands of friends as we show the world how to do winter right. [Read more.]

Leadership Speaker Series

January 26, 2016

Have you ever wondered why some people lead with ease? They're able to communicate and always seem to have the resources they need. In this session you will identify 3 key factors effective leaders utilize. Learn to develop a handful of tactics that make you more effective in networking with other leaders. Having a robust network is essential to being a valuable leader, but how do we grow that resource? Team building, collaboration, sharing resources and referral networking are key components to the new leaders of the future and those that don't want to be left behind. [Read more.]


Making Our #MNRising Mark!

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