Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You're Invited: Integrative Leadership in Rapidly Diversifying Rural Communities

This week's Center for Integrative Leadership Friday Forum focuses on "Integrative Leadership in Rapidly Diversifying Rural Communities." Featuring speakers and researchers from the Extension Center for Community Vitality, the conversation will consider the rapid growth of Latino communities across the state of Minnesota and discuss key strategies employed in leadership across sectors and ethnic groups. Register today for a light lunch and some hefty learning!

The Center for Integrative Leadership presents....
  Friday Leadership Research Forum: Leadership Research In and Across Sectors
During the 2012-2013 academic year CIL will again host a monthly Friday Leadership Research Forum where participants and presenters will discuss and debate research conducted by University faculty, students and community members on leadership issues that span boundaries in and across sectors.
Integrative Leadership in Rapidly Diversifying Rural Communities 

Scott ChazdonThis Friday Leadership Research Forum will feature Scott Chazdon, Interim Associate Dean at the Extension Center for Community Vitality 
Researchers:  Scott Chazdon, Ryan Allen, Tobias Spanier, Amanda Hane -- all with the Extension Center for Community Vitality
Abstract:  Latinos are the fastest growing minority population in the United States, and while much of the growth of the Latino population in the past was in metropolitan areas, the growth is now more dispersed.  The study is an explanatory multiple-case study conducted in four rural Minnesota communities – Montevideo, Worthington, Melrose, and Austin -- that have all experienced over 100 percent increases in their Latino populations during the past decade. The research team has conducted interviews with key informants in the public, private and nonprofit sectors of these communities to identify strategies that were used to lead across sectors as well as across ethnic groups.  Preliminary insights from the interview data suggest distinct integrative leadership challenges among White and Latino residents, as well as promising efforts to collaborate and create a common vision across ethnic and sector differences
Please join us!

A light lunch and drinks will be provided
Participation is free of charge, but registration is requested by clicking the register button above.
Space is limited so register early.

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