Thursday, April 26, 2012

Event Recap: Linking Leaders

Last Tuesday’s Linking Leaders evening hosted by Minnesota Rising at The Beat Coffee House was full of "good people having good conversations.” Organized in a speed-mentoring fashion, the evening was a way for emerging leaders to connect with established leaders and hopefully pick-up some tips and tricks on being an effective leader.

To kick-off the evening everyone jotted down three key leadership moments in their life and placed them on a large time line at the front of the room. Each person got a chance to share one of their key leadership moments with the crowd – talk about a fantastic way to get to know people and their stories!

The mentoring session was broken down into three timed discussions, where the dialogue was prompted in a number of ways, but remained open and flexible, allowing conversations to develop naturally. The resulting dialogues were both concrete and abstract conversations about leadership. Wrapping up with some additional one-on-one networking, the evening also served as an additional way to highlight the importance of organic conversations like those that are taking place though Minnesota Rising’s Cascading Conversations Tour, a discussion around “Our Minnesota.”

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