Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why We're Here: Twin Cities

You've probably already seen the video, but even if you haven't, you've probably heard what these folks have to say about why it is that we're here (yes, even in these dark, cold winter months) in the Twin Cities. See if your answer appears or head to Seven and Sixty Productions to share your response. Isn't this conversation and our proud civic tradition and discourse, after all, part of why we're here?

Why We're Here: Twin Cities from Seven and Sixty Productions on Vimeo.

With all the possibilities around the world, what is the “it” that keeps people here in the Twin Cities? We suspected the answer to the question "Why We're Here" was both simple and incredibly nuanced -- worthy of art. We took our camera to the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul to find people willing to talk, unscripted, on film. The result is our collective love poem to the Twin Cities.

Why We're Here: Twin Cities is a six-minute film that explores what unites us, and unites us here, in the Twin Cities. Filmed on location the spring and summer of 2010 in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, the film features an original score by John Munson of the New Standards, the Twilight Hours, Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare.

Visit sevenandsixtyproductions.com to post your response and tell us, with all the possibilities that exist in the world, why you’re living where you do.

Produced in association with the Minnesota Culture Club. Visit them at mncultureclub.com.

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