Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Works Progress: Help Wanted + Storefront for Ideas

Works Progress is a network of creative collaborators based in the Twin Cities. Per their website, they "design multi-disciplinary events, programs and exhibits that inspire, inform and connect—fostering new relationships that cross creative and cultural boundaries." Among myriad other projects and efforts, they are responsible for Give and Take, Salon Saloon, and the West Bank Social Center. Two items in their recent newsletter (6.12.10) caught my eye and I wanted to make sure to highlight them. See below for some of their latest efforts and stop by their website or physical site to help out with their works in progress!
HELP WANTED Help Wanted is a temporary employment agency that connects under-utilized creative energy to real community projects. Are you an under or un-employed artist, designer, or creative? Or maybe your 9 to 5 job doesn't tap into your creative assets or satisfy your desire for meaningful work? If either of these scenarios ring true, send us an email for more details, or just check out the schedule to your right and join us for one of the remaining work days. Please note: this isn't your typical volunteer gig. Each community organization we work with is ready to talk about the value of your work and compensate you with a unique trade. We're pushing everybody involved to think creatively about value, creativity, and community resources... and we'll do some really fun work while we're at it!
STOREFRONT FOR IDEAS Barter to complete your creative projects. Browse a kiosk full of ideas that need your skills, resources, space, or participation. Each idea proposes a trade, something the author of the idea has to offer in return. When you find an idea you think you can help complete, talk to our storefront clerk and he or she will help you make the connection. Currently needed for ideas in the storefront: Use of a kitchen, kiln, and screen press, web designers, 3D rendering skills, carpenters, and bicycle maintenance. Currently available for barter: piano lessons, canoe trips, home-baked goods, babysitting, legal research, studio space, video production, and database creation.

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